Singapore Yacht Show 2014

Happy weekend everyone!

Last weekend was an eventful weekend and I am really grateful for that. I was really glad to attend Singapore Yacht Show 2014.

Singapore Yacht Show 2014
I did not have the chance to go last year because of other commitment and to finally had the time to come down was really invigorating.

It was really nice to see you Mr Heart Media!
The one thing I really hate most was the sweltering weather. I almost vaporized - I just can't bear the sun and the heat, it was just too torrid for me to handle. The attention catching yachts made the heat more or less bearable though. It was worth it!

I was this close to jumping into the water!

There were many  beautiful boats there, and the definition of yachting and boating has definitely revolved to a whole new level. Held in conjunction with Singapore Maritime Week 2014, I am confident that the yacht fanatics from all over the world will look into Singapore as their marketplace. Singapore Yacht Show is also more than meet the eyes.

Favourite boat!
In case you are wondering if all they have are boats for sale, worry not because Singapore Yacht Show is pretty wholesome for a happy weekend. It gives you a reason to go to Sentosa, see a display of Lamborghinis and of course, for those who love give aways, there's plenty of them!

Also, you do not only see one type of property, there were even some booths in the air-conditioned tent that markets holiday home in Boracay, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

Thankfully there's a lounge for us to grab a drink, cool down in the tent before we weather the scorching sun.

Either way, it was a great close to that weekend!