F.Gorgeous Soirée

It's been a while since I last club - not because I hate clubbing but time is just against me. Work has been crazy in a good way. I got really beat sometimes. I can't even be sorry if I have to be selective of the clubs that I go to - actually the last club I went to was f.Club. When it comes to F.Club, it is a must-not-miss!

F.Gorgeous, presented by f.Club had definitely brighten up my week. There were so many gorgeous people that I got a little bit lost in the ambience. Some were really daring with their style - I am sure they deserve to win the competition, which was what this event was all about!

F.Gorgeous was organized to get all the fashionistas under one roof to be featured on Fashion TV, which is also stylised as f.TV. In which, participants of this contest will be have to submit their most fashionable photos to be judged by fashion players like blogger Valerie Lim, Mata Mata's main cast Paul Foster, founder of online retail GNOSSEM - Lisa Crosswhite, and of course, Benedict Goh - Pyramid host turned COO of Fide Fashion Week!

The event had a great kickstart - what's more when there were free flow of mocktails and cocktails. So many to choose from, I just couldn't make up my mind! I've got to give a standing ovation to the bar for being grace under fire albeit the number of crazy orders!

The crowd was hyper not only because of the fantastic drinks but also, Paul Foster's Playlist was on roll. His music resonates with me so much that I had no idea I was dancing to his music. There is an idiom that says "dance to somebody's tune", I literally did!

I really got to thank f.Club, Tashah and everyone for making this amazing party happen! To all you pretty people out there it was an amazing night! See you guys!