TYR 2nd SEA Swimming Championship

Hey everyone! This weekend I was at the TYR 2nd SEA Swimming Championship to support team Singapore in the water polo men's series and I am very happy that team Singapore has brought honour by winning the two games against Malaysia!

TYR SEA Swimming Championship is a major event attended by about 200 athletes from around ASEAN countries and I for one am glad to be there to support my friend. He is the motivation I run 5km each week okay! Even if it takes for me to drive all the way to the gym to run on the treadmill, so keep up the good work man!

I am really awed by the ferocity and sportsmanship shown by both teams. Even heard them shouting "Don't foul! Don't foul!" and although there were cases of incidental fouls, it did not spark much of a drama as compared to you know.. Soccer.

There were many comments about both team being fatigue and starting to play rough. I think this is way harder than soccer! You need to be agile in the water and not let your opponent take control of the ball. Most importantly, everyone has to stay afloat and be ready just in case your opponent pushes you into the water.

Which is why I find it more thrilling to watch this!

This biennial event is the first event that is hosted by the new state of the art OCBC Aquatic Centre. Very impressed to see our new stadium too! I am elated for the private tour and ain't gonna spoil you guys with the surprises the new stadium has. Have a great week ahead!