Seeds: Sowing Promises - SP Design School Opening Gala

If you ask any adult if they miss school, you will pretty much receive a homogenous answer - YES. When I was a kid, I had that thought too. Why would adults want to study? Why don't they like doing what they do in return for money? At that age, we think of our career independence as freedom. The liberty to do whatever you like, without having to 'fulfil' anyone's expectations.

And as we grew up, we unconsciously echoed what our elders had said before.
But now, the table has turned!

And as we grew up, we unconsciously echoed what our elders had said before - yes, we do miss school!

Last night I am really elated to revisit the place I called my second home - Singapore Polytechnic. I was really thrilled to see how much my alma mater has grown from its humble beginning. Sixty years and counting!

At the inaugural event Seeds: Sowing Promises, Singapore Polytechnic Design School (SD) presents its new design school building that embodies the spirit of the Design School: to experiment, collaborate and document. Envisaged as a Living Incubator where design pedagogy is realised through its spaces houses its 4 diplomas. Namely, the Diploma in Interior Design (DID), Diploma in Visual Communications and Media Design (DVMD), Diploma in Games Design and Development (DGDD) and Diploma in Experience and Product Design (DXPD).

The all-white building has a green wall feature that will serve as a shade to cool the building. On top of that, more spaces have been accommodated to cater exhibits which were curated by design students as part of their final year project, and in-residence designers. This is in momentum with the avant garde and futuristic design of the building.

The entire exhibition is entitled Seeds: Sowing Promises. The notion of planting, possibilities, growing, blossoming, coming to fruition and harvesting is extended into the 13 experiential exhibitions on showcase.

To celebrate its new school building, it brought together industry, alumni, students and lecturers together by converting the BCA Platinum Green Mark building into a perfect homecoming where invited alumni were hosted with sumptuous dinner at the rooftop. The opening was not short of entertainment. It was opened by performances by campus-grown artists on the new outdoor entertainment space where students have an avenue to express themselves through arts while being given more exposure from walkways aside from designed tiered seating.

I've got to say I am really proud to be an alumni of such reputable and renowned campus. While some of you may not have the opportunity or the means to study here, I've got to say some sacrifices are worth being made. Therefore to all O-Level students who will be sitting on the hot seat soon, I wish you all the best!