Dubai 2015 - Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort

Howdy all!

The previous night after 2015 countdown in Dubai was spent on a long walk back to our hotel. I felt accomplished upon reaching the hotel and my feelings were all mixed up. New year, so many things to look forward to yet quite nervous about it!

Dubai is an Amazon of superior lofty concrete structures that overshadows the streets of Dubai and looking at them has never been amazing. In a short span of time, Dubai has grown from a small trading port to a mammoth city.

Given the barren dunes of sand, it is actually hard to get in touch with mother nature. Hence, it is unsurprising for the city to be very artificial and faux. That though, is forgiven because I was surrounded by so many beautifully designed buildings that never seem to lose its charm.

However, I need to get in touch with nature! I just want soak my feet under the beach sand, enjoy the sun and connect with nature at one of the best beaches at Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort! Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort is a five star luxury beach resort located Dubai Marina. It's amazing because across, you could see the largest man-made Palm Island.

I love everything at Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort because of its exclusive location. It is close to The Walk, Dubai's beachfront promenade, Dubai Marina and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown life. You can get close to nature with the perfectly clean stretch of beach, acres of palm tree and shaded gardens.

If it gets too hot, you can lie down at the garden drinking ice tea.

One of the many places that you should enjoy and I am delighted to share is their amazing sunny and long stretch of beach! Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resorts has an extensive private beach perfect for kids who may want to play watersports like banana ride or even adults who may want to get wet from wake boarding or simply lying by the pool chair to get their holiday glow.

The timing I went to the beach was perfect because it was still cold and windy in the morning despite the sun so it didn't make me sweat, otherwise it would be so uncomfortable. The dry weather keeps the sunblock prime on my skin.

As I was so tired from the celebration the night before, I put on my shades and thought of napping for half hour to catch some sleep. I didn't even hear my alarm and forgot to flip. Kinda look odd being tanned just on the front!

The beach was so serene and clean I just can't get enough! I even dared to take off my flip flops and run around the beach without fearing I'd step on glasses or seashells. It could have hurt if there is.

Best of all, the service I got at Sheraton was impeccable.

It was afternoon and almost time for lunch. I was famished after lying down at the beach for so long I wanted to eat. The butler was ever ready at the side of the beach ready to be called upon! Very attentive! I asked for the menu and I ordered my favorite snack on the menu - cheese sticks with fries. To keep the beach comfortably clean and spotless, no food is allowed to be consumed on the sandy beach. At first I find it quite ridiculous but I can't imagine stepping on someone else's leftovers or food litters on beach. That made me grateful and ever more willing to oblige.

I sat on the bench by the pool under the shady palm trees and was really delighted by the personalised attendance. They even offered to help to take photos of yours truly. How sweet was that! You know how some of these luxury hotels go all the way out when it comes to service it started to feel a little bit too overwhelming and a little intruding? I can't say the same for this.

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort is indeed a beautiful personification of classic Starwoods honeypot. The five star beach resort is donned with lots of earth colors and wooden trims which is very pertinent to classic American beach resort.

Getting a cab from the marina can be quite a challenge but fret not, you'll be dazzled by the array of designer stores that dots along the boulevard. The Walk will lead you to the tram that will send you to the nearest metro station.

So, by car or by public transport, it's all so convenient. Public transport like this are the best to explore the area as it passes by many wonderful landmarks and well designed architecture. Dubai is a playground for architects to an extent the city provide architecture tours.

Till then, hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!

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