Epitome of Love Grand Opening - Celebrate Mother's Day Here!

Hello everybody! I am so grateful it's Saturday today! Okay, not really because I have been sitting at home like a tai-tai for the past few weeks, so it's a little bit like weekend every other day. Not really something to be proud of but that does not mean I am idle. I have actually been working out and helping the economy through therapy and it's called retail. Carrying tonnes of paper bags is not an easy job okay!

Jokes aside, I am grateful to attend the grand opening of Epitome of Love last Thursday at Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel. Epitome of Love is a flower exhibition in tribute to mothers. Most flowers shown are designed with a thank you story for mothers. Like for one of the displays, it's this huge champagne glass, in it are two jewels (glittering family jewel I guess? LOL!) with beautiful flowers on it. The significance of the design the designer said, is to celebrate mother's love through a champagne glass, and mothers (who drink) deserves it!

It's also alluring to see a nicely done table centrepiece done by my dear friend, Yuki! Her floral design is hard to miss because it's right on the table where people were seated waiting for cabs or just chilling. Perfect place to conquer for a group photo!

I find it really sweet that the Floral Designers Society (Singapore) is doing this at such exquisite hotel because with Carousel restaurant being one of the hot spots to go for Mother's Day celebration, the exhibit serves as a picturesque spot for memorable photos with your loved ones!

All the flowers exhibit will be on display till 10 May for public viewing. Enjoy them while they're there!

Let's just hope the pollen stays there and go nowhere else. Hah!