Making Room For More!

I am writing this at probably the most outrageous hour; where most of you are half way through your dreams! If you are here the moment this is posted up, we probably have the same problem - insomnia!

There is nothing to be excited about really because I need my sleep! I'm a morning person. I enjoy hearing chirping birds, the smell of morning air and the beautiful sky. What I love most is seeing my siblings going to school or work while I have the choice to continue sleeping, watch television or do some reading and maybe lunch.

I should start lunching with my mum. Haha!

Speaking of reading, this reminds me - does any charity organisation would like to accept books and some old clothes? I am clearing lots of stuff at home before Eid because I kinda feel like a hoarder now!

I have been shopping for the past few weeks and realize that I have no real estate for new books and clothes. So I decided that I should do something about it! As a result, I have been progressively putting aside all my old books (which are still relevant) and old clothes for give away. I hope by the end of this week I am able to start digging out my old bags which are still pristine.

I don't know about you guys, I love beautiful things and I am really grateful to have them. I really, really thank God for that. Having these beautiful things though makes me not want to use them because they're too nice, and then I'd just keep them and not use them. Few years gone then I realize I have more than I need.

I have decided: I should lay out all the things that I own and start using them so much so it wears out. At least then I won't have so much guilt empowering my money with wings.

Speaking of guilt - I am really saddened by the Rohingya news. Can someone please give them food and clothes and maybe a better boat if none of them wants to take them in as refugees? We just had a yacht show and that would be a nice gesture really... Or the very least, can someone give them water? When I was young, I was totally put off by news because it's all about war, famine and crisis. Now, I read them for introspection. We need that in life to stay grounded.

I can't wait for Friday to start redecorating my house and start my training routine as usual! I am currently way behind my training so I really need to buck up and keep up with the rest. I don't want to be the one panting like man forspent while others make it look so easy. At home here, there are so many dated furniture I want to sell or throw away. Not that they're not nice, some of them just don't fit my age and style anymore...

Here's a beautiful sunset I saw last week!
Till then, muchos amor!