Pluck's First Anniversary Party

What the Pluck? It's been a year? Congratulations on your first anniversary Pluck!

If you have been working in town near Club Street or Ann Siang Hill, it may seem that you are run out of places to eat for lunch and after-hours, and Pluck is the new it place you should think of! The climb along the slopes of Club Street during the day may be a challenge because of the sweltering heat but it's going to be worth it. Why not?

Pluck's mantra is that food shouldn't be complicated to be enjoyed. They attribute a good meal to quality, offering cosmopolitan interpretations of perennial classics that are affordable, thoughtful, creative, and delicious.

The restaurant's unpretentious and comfortable identity is made for sharing - be it conversations or food – and versatile enough to take you from meetings, to just kicking back with your friends. There are certain days all you want to do is to hide in a cozy restaurant where you can snug from the afternoon sun or humid evenings!

You can always opt for the bar seats at the open-concept kitchen and strike up a friendly chat with the guys of the other side of the counter! I like that idea because I am quite picky when it comes to food, so I can see what the chef is working on. Hehe!

"Hey chef, no pickle!"

Head Chef of The Establishment Group, Chef Brandon Teo, has a refreshingly frank and creative take on the menu. He innovatively blends flavours and textures from well-sourced, quality ingredients. To top it all, this seasoned chef and a worldly traveller brings a wealth of experience and compelling flavours onto your plate through his culinary expertise.

The supposedly menu board turned photowall at the party!
Contrary to unique restaurants with a distinct menu, there are no signature favourites for this one. Be ready to be surprised on each visit!

As for me, I am more surprised to see some of my friends and made new ones! It's always fun to have your friends around! Didn't manage to take a lot of selfies because my phone was dying! I am proud it survived the entire day without charging though. Thank God for power saving mode.

Alright, till then! If you are going to ask me where the Pluck is this restaurant -

90 Club Street
Singapore 069458
Telephone: +65 6225 8286

Thank you Mutants for having me!