New Music Companion - Marco Marcus

I love listening to different kinds of music. So much so that I allow people to introduce me to new songs. Not sure about you guys, I have seen people who are too fixated with their own inclination to a particular genre they don't even want to listen to what you have to recommend which I find it weird.

Recently, I went to a party and met an artist from Warner Music Indonesia, Marco Marcus. He was really nice and I was so flattered to be presented by his self-titled debut album. It was really heart warming as I do not expect gifts from anyone. When a singer personally gives you his or her album, they are presenting you with their hard work for your entertainment!

So, thank you Marco Marcus for this beautiful album, the gift of your masterpieces! I am particularly in love with the empowering songs that kept me awake throughout my revision nights! It is something refreshing which I come to appreciate!

His songs are available on iTunes here. Check it out!

I believe, that there must be a way right here.
I believe, there lies the power inside of me,
I believe, there is a hope for you and me,
When you listen, to the voice inside of you