To The Finishing Line

It has been a while since I posted something really personal and if you have been following genuinely closely for an intimate update of my life, I really thank you for that!

I have been occupied with a lot of things lately and I am liking it. Funny thing happened several weeks ago when I bumped into my ex-colleague at breakfast. Hearing the things I am doing, she commented "Woah, so many things, you only have 24 hours, how do you cope?"

It was a tough question because that (I only have 24 hours a day) did not come across my mind as I was very soaked in all these things. You know what they say, time passes quickly when you enjoy the things you do.

New Addition To My Desk

Recently got myself an iMac because my old Acer Aspire 4920 is dying! I was doing some typing when suddenly it got a blue screen. I tried diagnosing through a set of code that was written. Turns out, it resulted from overheating. From the time it happened till now, I still can use it perfectly until it becomes too hot to function.

I would like to thank my Acer Aspire 4920 for her wonderful service in entertaining me, teaching new things on Wikipedia about galaxies, neurons, politics and keeping my files organized. You are the longest serving computer I ever had. Seven years and five months. Yet, you still work perfectly albeit occasional blue screen from overheating. You shall be my travel buddy from now!

To The Finishing Point in School

School has been great. I think most students and I share the same sentiment about school. We have that love-hate feeling for school. It is stressful keeping up with deadlines and catching up with the syllabus. Yet, we love it for all the perks and fun things that can happen in school. As much as I am enjoying the carefree life as a student, I really want to get this over and done with.

Call me a unicorn when it comes to joining the workforce but I know dream job exists if you look into it hard enough. I am pretty much energetic and optimistic about my future when it comes to it.

We can't possibly live off our parents forever. That's just too Asian for my liking. Haha! While it is nice to get such pampering support from parents, it is not as fulfilling as having your hard earned money. I can't speak for those who find joy in it though.

Propelling Forward in Newfound Sport

This news will surprise you like a bomb.

I am currently trying out a new sport - dragonboat.

I know what you're thinking! Like, "You're so flamboyant why not join a dance club or something?" or something like "You do sports?" You have no idea how much thought I have given before joining. I'm not much of an exhibitionist to be performing really, although I relished my moment of glory getting a crowd from performing at the classroom corridor when I was 14.

My decision to join was made under no outside influence or consultation. It was something I had wanted to do but did not have the chance.

There were many hilarious instances I was such a blur. I am usually more amused of how dense I am than being embarrassed about it. Accidentally yelped while my sweaty hands slipped off the pull up bar right after a burpees was just the tip of the iceberg. You have no idea how hard I laughed in my head after each training.

Probably gonna scar me for life. Haha!

My first few trainings were grueling because I joined way before the recruitment period and the most untimely question to answer was why do I join. It was a difficult question because I was not prepared with a short answer. It was too long I just had to brush it off with a simple answer - I just wanted to build myself up.

For one, I enjoy sports - you name it. Saddling, golf, canoeing, rock climbing, cycling and many more. Anything that's non-contact, I'm usually good to go.

Don't be surprised that when I was 12, my good friend and I walked from Bugis to Pasir Ris in six hours, canoed around Pulau Ubin when I was 14, cycled to Marina Barrage and back, and not forgetting rock climbing sessions and horse riding in my glory days.

When I was 18, I tried canoeing once more but I couldn't keep up with the commitment needed. Back then, my priority was different. I did not regret though. At 18, I was feeble in facing susceptible common teasing or back biting. Which was why I tend to shy away from a lot of things back then.

I was really happy to be enlisted in the army, contrary to popular belief on how I would resent it. I was even disappointed for not going to Officer Command School (OCS) but it probably happened for a damn good reason. Nevertheless, I appreciate what was given to me when I served my term. That was when I occasionally go for long cycles and marathons.

So for those who were in the same batch as me, and participated the dragonboat race for the team building event, you know who was the key influence for that.


I have been going for training for quite some time now and I've got to say with the training going on, my priority for school has indeed went up.

The training is challenging, which I am up for it. Trouble is, I look terrible when I've reached my peak. Let's just hope endurance improve by the day.

I Can't Satiate All

It is disappointing to reject other offers I am getting in life now. I am indeed beyond grateful that this year has been great with opportunities handed to me now and then. Unfortunately, it is only pragmatic to reject them to avoid complication. Nevertheless, I am indeed looking forward to reconsider those offers given the chance to play a bigger contributory role.

At home is a whole new story. My house is in a huge mess. As our house gets old, the air conditioner is no longer working, the kitchen floor is leaking and there are some other corrective construction work that needs to be done. Being anal about prim and proper home, it is unfortunate to have my false ceiling broken after painstaking paint work done two months ago. My newly painted wall has not been affected yet but will be with all the repiping works that will be going on for the new air conditioner.

I am grateful to the universe for such hardworking parents, great company, adorable cats, new air-conditioner  and everything in life right now. While I have not yet attained everything I want in life, I am content with my present.

Currently fostering kittens, the house has so many boxes of clothes to be given away and to be unpacked after construction so let's hope they do not hide and go missing!

On top of that, I am still occupied over the weekend helping students who need my help. Nothing has upset my schedule but it is just very, very occupied.

This season is crazy with what's going on at home and all. I really need a breather after this. Do not misconstrue this as a complain of how manic my life is. I am actually enjoying every bit of it, everything. I just wish I have more time, that's all.

My zest for life in simply unbecoming.

Know that I love you guys and thank you for being with me through thick and thin!