Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2015

This year's Digital Fashion Week (DFW) was beyond usual. It is bolder, more grand, and more happening.

Digital Fashion Week is personally a much anticipated futuristic fashion event of the year. It is an amalgamation of fashion and technology frontier, that expands its message about fashion not only to those who are there, but also to those who are within social media's reach.

Digital Fashion Week as the name suggests, is Asia’s highest profile designer showcase. It takes place once a year in Singapore and Bangkok in the early last quarter of the year, and is the only fashion event that promotes the best young fashion designers through events and digital platforms in Asia.

Since 2012, Digital Fashion Week has supported more than 50 local fashion designers and has welcomed notable names in the global fashion industry including Naomi Campbell, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Hilary Alexander, Patricia Field, Guo Pei, Andrej Pejic, Cristiano Burani, Fyodor Golan, Holly Fulton, Jaime Perlman (British Vogue), Jourdan Miller and Sophie Sumner (winners of America’s Next Top Model), Sheena Liam and Jessica Amornkuldilok (winners of Asia’s Next Top Model) and Devyn Abdullah (winner of The Face).

DFW is the world’s first shoppable live streamed fashion week where viewers can make instant purchases off the runway. Audiences worldwide are able to watch live screenings of backstage happenings, pre/post-show interviews, runway shows, as well as engage with Digital Fashion Week through all major social networking platforms.

I am particularly happy for Digital Fashion Week this year because it was held in one of the most historical places in Singapore, the Capitol Theatre!

Nestled in Singapore’s Downtown Civic and Cultural District, and strategically located at the junction of Stamford Road and North Bridge Road, Capitol Singapore comprises three conservation buildings - Capitol Theatre, Stamford House, Capitol Building and the former Capitol Centre. Collectively conserved and redeveloped, the plaza has transformed into Singapore’s first luxury integrated development with exclusive residences, an ultra luxury hotel, an upmarket retail mall offering prestigious brands and flagship stores as well as a theatre.

To me, location is metaphorically an event's outfit and for Digital Fashion Week (DFW), it had set its foothold in National Design Centre when it started with an aim to be the hub of exchanging ideas through DFW's fringe events and shows. Now, DFW has stem out to be an event bigger than before while embodying the same spirit it had. Its renaissance interior design adds on elegance to the event. And kudos DFW! You are the first full-fledged fashion show held in such unique venue!

I just had to laugh looking at Oriole's coffee on my second day at DFW. You have no idea how tired I was from Singapore River Regatta (SRR) and it was back to back. I just needed something to perk me up. I had no time to make coffee from home so I was a little angsty (because I was hungry, and tired and probably thirsty).

Hence, the laughter because I should have remembered there's coffee there at DFW. I would have probably brought it down to a six if I had known!

Yes, I prefer tea to coffee but desperate time calls for desperate measure. Also because Oriole's coffee is one of the best in their trade. Oriole Coffee is always about sharing and inspiring the love for coffee. The heart of a perfect Oriole experience boils down to the dedication of their roasters and baristas. From sourcing of beans and specialised roasting, to stringent cupping and barista trainings, Oriole Coffee assures the highest standard and quality from farm to cup.

One also must not be late for DFW shows! Glad to be on time for all the shows, thanks to this amazing German designed watch ZIIRO. It does not only tell time, it is colourful and stylish.

ZIIIRO watches are designed to make time telling fun. Futuristic, minimalist, bold. Every design embodies the ZIIIRO vision of creating incredible timepieces with unique appearance and style. The idea was to create a watch without hands or markings, but rather a constantly changing of patterns indicating the passage of time. Minimalism is the focus so there are no distracting elements in each design.

Being on time also means you get to be in touch with your friends and acquaintances while waiting for the show to begin!

Rizar is someone I salute because he is one of the many friends who knows how to make his own outfit! I can't even sew a button properly... New year 2016 is less than two months, I'd better make that as my new year's resolution. Will see how that resolution goes... I think I'm better at sewing some people's mouth. Only kidding!

It was hard to recognize who was in that unicorn outfit at first but I was very sure who it was when he started smiling welcomingly! Presenting to you, Justin Bratton, in unicorn for Halloween, and model Yumika Hoskin being all anime cyborg.

Jeri was so funny! He was one of the official photographers for DFW and he was one of the nicest photographers I knew since 2012. He was carrying his humongous camera (yes, huge lens, and huge flash), and I thought it would be great to have our photo taken after one of the shows. He deliberately went "Wait, wait, let me get my bag..." and passed me his camera, and pranced to get his bag. Before I could even react, I turned and saw him coming back with a wolf's head. Haha! That's a cool bag Jeri, really one of a kind!

With the funny duo, Munah and Hirzi.

Here are some styles and designs which I personally think is very nice. Favourite! To find out more about the designers and collections, log on to

Proud to be a continuous supporter of Digital Fashion Week!

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