Final Sprint to 2016!

Hello everyone! I hope things are great on your end! Last week was a crazy week I am back to party and share with you everything I could on what's coming up for me this last two months of the year, and latest events you should look out for!

Glad that my team is back from Taiwan! They were so sweet to got the rest of us this milk tea.

For one, I am excited for an overseas trip with my team for a race this early December. SRR last month wasn't our best even though some of us won something.

As we are in the last quarter of the year, I am elated to share some news on coming up events and projects I am working on.

Firstly, this coming December there will be Lenka's concert in Singapore, and for those who have not bought your tickets, remember to do so! This is a rare opportunity to get up close with this Australian songbird! Tickets can be purchased here and remember to share the news with your friends about it too!

Bank Art Fair 2015 is coming up this week and for the second year I am excited to check out new art pieces that can suit my wall. I am excited because I am hopeful to do something to my home this coming January. This includes repainting the wall, and maybe revarnish the doors. Really excited for this DIY project because I have not been in touch with the "carpentry" side of me for quite some time!

This coming Friday also I will be attending an official opening of a new gym. Yes, most of us are excited because there will be a new gym in town to accommodate those who wish to get in shape! Very optimistic to meet an inspirational man behind this gym business.

Following week, I will be hosting a charity event. I am very, very excited about it because I love hosting and getting touch with people and what's more for, I am doing it for a charity event! Please render your support by coming down this 5th December 2015 at East Coast Park and enjoy this wholesome programme! You are not only supporting me, but you are also supporting an association that supports children in need.

Following event would be the 26th Singapore International Film Festival. Looking forward to support all contestants and prize recipients in the upcoming Silver Screen Awards 2016. This year's line up of film screenings are international, inspirational and some are thought provoking!  Especially ideal for film goers like myself! Find out more about its ticketing information here!

Then I will be left with just a few days before flying to the land down under to celebrate my new year. So, stay tuned because this trip will be full of fun stuff, a little bit of drama and definitely something to take away - especially for those who have not been and would like to know, looking forward to share it with you guys! What you can be sure of, it's gonna be sunny here for the next few months.

I am looking forward to watch the final Hunger Games! One of my favourite movies. For any movie adapted from a book, I usually watch them for the visuals and I am loving Hunger Games for their outfit and its artistically futuristic effect.

You'll be glad to know that there are new things in the pipeline for this space. Keep a lookout if you are interested in health and looking good. It's going to be fun and informative, not only for you guys, but myself too. It'd be appropriate to pen down the knowledge I learnt and benefit not only myself but all of you too! So let's hope everything is moving on to the right direction!

Please pray for my well being and my health to go through all these which I am truly grateful for. Let the holidays begin!