SIM Sports Awards Night 2015

Happy weekend everyone! There's a galore of interesting updates coming up but let me entertain you with a personal update first. Friday was a great start of the weekend because there were so many events to attend - with one that I jokingly dreaded; SIM Sports Awards Night 2015. It is an award presentation ceremony recognising the efforts of the sports team that brought glory to the school. Congratulations to all winners and prize recipients! You made us proud!

My purpose going to SIM University; SIM Sports Awards Night. It's an annual event that must not be missed! Wouldn't want to miss out who won what. We stayed on to find out who was the sportsman and sportswoman of the year!

My real purpose though, was to laugh at my captain fumbling the script. Okay, he did not exactly fumble although it seemed like it! He looked really confident. Our team stood in ovation when our coach was called on stage to receive a token of appreciation for guiding our team!

But really, I was there for these people. Endless selfies and of course, food! Should have taken the photos at the booth before eating so that everyone could fit in perfectly. Haha!

I have gone fifty shades darker after so long under the sun. Isn't much of a problem if my skin tone is even. I am trying my best now to stay fair (almost impossible) by covering myself up and spamming all sunblock at practice and whitening cream at night. Whatever it takes! While I love the health benefits of sunshine, I still need to protect myself from harmful UV rays!

It's funny that some of my friends (who are non-paddlers) find it cool to carry the paddle around. That's because it's not you who're carrying it! In all honesty, I want to do all the paddling, not the carrying. The paddle is such a burden on commute. I have to carry it everywhere I go (on practice days) and it's bulky enough to make you shorthanded. It's tough! Probably tougher than practice!

Anyway, we will be going overseas in a few days time. Hopefully I will be strong enough for the race, wish me the best! Speaking of my strength, I really need to keep up! I felt almost dead at every deadlift. Let's also hope I am paired in a room with someone I can relate. Otherwise, I'd probably plug in my headphone throughout in the the hotel room.

Or maybe... I should just quietly book another room and stay there. Wait, shan't do something that drastic. I'd just kick them out. Okay, just wanted to say that for fun. I don't mean it.

See you guys!