First Quarter Chatter

It has been almost three months since new year and as we move towards the end of the first quarter, here are some highlights from my personal agenda.

I am grateful that most of my assignments are completed except for one which I hope to tackle this week so that I can take a break and focus on other things. The water is like my playground now, it will be fettering to not complete my outstanding work. Very relieved that my major assignments are completed!

Currently, my house is in a state of chaos with all the repair works going on. While we are taking it slow and steady, I am for one excited for better wiring and lighting in my bedroom. To brighter and better selfies ahead! I have been living here for more than a decade and I am looking forward to see positive changes ahead. Lately, I have been browsing a lot of catalogues for things like quilt covers, new alarm clock and even lighting designs! Just to get some inspiration and ideas...

Having said that, I think people tend to mistake such repair and expansion works as luxury while in all honesty if it had not been for the leaking pipes, damaged air-conditioner or worn out kitchen counter, we would not be doing this at all. While it is good to see things at home at its functional best once again, it is not easy to make choices when these fixtures are not as interchangeable like wearables.

Actually, I can't wait for everything to be in order once more so that I can continue fostering cats!

Last month was exceptionally special for several reasons - my godsister got married and my Indonesian relatives came to Singapore so I showed them around for a little bit - since it is not their first time, was not much of a big problem and it has been a while since I drove to Johor so I brought them over too. I see new cafes sprouting all around Johor? I have yet to find the time to visit cafes and trying good food there! Need to beep my kakis soon! Hopefully I can do that one day in April!

Speaking of food, I have been eating a lot lately, and I probably will not be able fit some of my old clothes anytime soon. That will pose a problem because I only have a few pieces of good clothes that are one size bigger. Thank God for new clothes! Honestly, I can't fit in my tight skinny pants at the moment.

Amusing that because of intense workout sessions, I have a new found passion for food. I sometimes indulge in self-depreciating joke on how I used to order just one meal but now I wish there is an upsize for everything. Now I feel those of you who keep a secret stash of snacks in your drawers. I have fallen into that trap too!

Nevertheless, I have always found myself feeling shy eating more than one meal. I do not really like to be seen eating more than one meal in front of people, with exception of buffet. Even at this point of writing, I am thinking about red velvet, salmon, prata, tom yam, and many more. I also need a dose of 4 Fingers soon! My stomach is growling, again! That is the fun about scouting food at night - it is a little bit more peaceful with lesser traffic. The only thing is, I am quite bounded by options and people who are actually awake!

Moving forward towards the end of March, I am very, very grateful and excited to reunite with my relatives and family friends next week for vacation after so long since we travelled together! Nervous in a way too because everyone is all grown up now, so I am sure there would be great changes in our dynamics.

Not forgetting last month's karaoke session. It was a good exercise to increase our lung capacity; I hope.

That's all for an update, hope you are entertained! Stay tuned for my next update about Melbourne!

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