The Gallery Experience: KNOCKOUT! - Get Fit Glamourously

The great thing about wanting to keep yourself active and your stamina at its best is that you are exposed to the many ways of doing so. Be it from routine joggings by the park or doing heavy lifts in the gym, you can never have a reason not to keep yourself moving. This April, I feel blessed to be a part of Mandarin Gallery's third edition of The Gallery Experience!

The Gallery Experience is a series of curated lifestyle concepts presented by Mandarin Gallery aimed at engaging shoppers with delightful surprises and one-of-a-kind experiences. Entitled KNOCKOUT!, The Gallery Experience this month is the third edition of the series of pop-up events featuring workouts such as HIIT (High-Intensive Interval Training), Flow Yoga and Boxing.

I enjoy doing rigorous sports these days. Although I am still reserved about contact sports, I think Boxing is the only contact sport I would even bother trying because it is controlled, most times under close supervision of a professional and seems to be less barbaric than sports like soccer or rugby. I get less soiled too!

I went to the KNOCKOUT!'s Boxing segment and it was amazing! I have not been to Mandarin Gallery for quite some time and it was a good reason to drop by the mall. So many great changes coming up there!

Boxing is a combination of body combat moves with cardio exercises. It tests your cardio vascular ability, your agility and your strength. It is the perfect way to lose weight, stay healthy and also a great way to strengthen your mind through regular training.

The boxing segment started with getting our hands prepped for boxing. We wrapped our hands which we wore before the gloves so that our hands could make a solid fist when they are closed. We started off with some cardio warm up like burpees, running, mountain climbers and many more. They were considerably challenging, and that was how it should be! Then on, we were taught the basics of boxing and managed to try them out with our partner once we got the hang of it!

It was a sure way to make new friends and try out new things before picking on what will be your favourite!

Mandarin Gallery started these pop-up events since December 2015 with the inaugural edition of The Gallery Experience: Silent Night featuring the first-ever Silent Yoga in Singapore and Silent Disco in a mall. Following the success of the first event, Mandarin Gallery presented the second edition of The Gallery Experience: Featherlight in March 2016 featuring Silent Yoga (back by popular demand), as well as innovative and interesting workouts such as Barre and SURFSET

Subsequently, The Gallery Experience will be a monthly affair at Mandarin Gallery, where unconventional spaces both indoors and outdoors of the mall will be transformed into Instagram-worthy backdrops for the perfect photo opportunity! No way you could not look chic with these fancy and luscious decor!

The Gallery Experience series of events are free for the public to sign up, based on first-come-first-serve availability. All that is required of an individual will be to stay tuned to Mandarin Gallery’s social media platforms and register online.

Remember to tag #mandaringallery and #MGKnockout in you social media shares!

For more information on The Gallery Experience, visit Mandarin Gallery’s Facebook page here or The Gallery Experience’s Facebook event page here.

See you guys there!

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