Basic Aesthetic - 6 Exercises to Get in Shape

How's the long weekend?

I am grateful to be able to meet one of EPN's athletes this month to find out more about workouts that could help in aesthetics. Just checking out of interest!

Introducing fitness model Zam who had just clinched the first prize at the recent Physique War 2016!

We train hard for strength and there is a difference when it comes to getting in shape. Often times I hear my friends workout to lose weight and they whine at how they either see no progress or gain in mass, contrary to what they are hoping for.

Getting in shape is more than just running on the treadmill forever!

I feel very fortunate to be able to spend some time with Zam to find out his favourite exercises when it comes to training for aesthetics but first, he shared with me how EPN products have helped him in his arena.

He takes the well acclaimed Bentancourt's B-Nox for his pre-workout which has helped him consistently in getting the energy boost he needs. He likes it because compared to other pre-workouts he has ever tried, B-Nox gives him sustainable optimum energy.

For a person who literally spends a lot of time in the gym for work and workout, he takes Bentancourt's BCAA as an intra-workout, to keep his muscles development in check, not allowing to get burnt along with fats. Like me, he likes the grape flavour too! We are trying out the latest BCAA+, and I am loving the passion fruit flavour!

While EPN is out of stock for its famed Betancourt's protein, we are currently taking NutriForce's NutriWHEY for recovery. Its premium protein is not only helpful in recovery because of its high protein and presence of glutamine that improves muscle metabolism, it is certified Halal (permissible) by Islamic Services of America (ISA), cutting down the search hassle for practising Muslims.

It is all natural, delicious and will definitely engage your tongue with its chocolate bits it has in every scoop of NutriWHEY.

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Getting back on aesthetics, as recommended by Zam, you should be doing four sets of each of these exercises. You should be doing lesser reps in each set with weight increment of 2.5 kg in each set. Practically, 15 reps on your first set, followed by 12 reps, going down to 10 reps and end with 8 reps. Ensure that you are carrying an ideal weight, not too heavy nor too light!

The first chest exercise will be the inclined chest press on the Olympic bar.

Be sure that you warm up with the empty Olympic bar to get accustom to the motion. Once you are warmed up and familiar with the movements, you can add on the weights and do the first set. Lie down 45 degree incline on the bench, and ensure that the bar is on chest level. As you lift up, ensure you that you do not lock your arms, and your ending point should be the bar touching the chest. Do not rest the weighted bar fully on the chest! Get a partner if you need help, really!

Second exercise ideal for the chest would be the cable chest fly.

Cable chest fly is pretty straight forward. Set the cable to the top on each side. Grab the handles on each side and bring it forward. While it seems easy, you should be feel the stretch and activate the muscles on your chest. Pull it down to the same level as your navel. Do not lean forward too much and try to keep your body as vertical as possible.

Once you are done with your chest, let's move on to shoulders! The first shoulder exercise in order is the standing shoulder press.

Set the starting point of the bar to chest level so that you could carry and put it back easily. With your hands just outside the alignment of your shoulders, lift the bar up and ensure you do not lock your elbows. Then, bring it down again to your neck level before bringing up again for the next rep. Avoid letting the bar hit your chin, it happened once when I was doing cling and jerk, it was awful!

The second exercise useful for a more defined shoulders is the side lateral raise. It is probably the easiest amongst all shoulder exercises really. Have one dumbbell on each side, and lift it up to the same level as your shoulders. Allow your arms to straighten out to its maximum, without forcing it to do so.

The last two exercises are for your lats. Some might not understand this but there was this joke about how some people look good from the back until their turn their heads. That's probably because they have a very well defined lats!

I do not mean to make degrading jokes or anything but if that pushes you to have a more defined lats, these two could be helpful because it is pretty much safe to say we see these two equipments in the gym.

Lats pull down is simple but there are variations. You could try this - have your hands at the very end of the handle and then pull it down to your lip level. Just don't pull it too far down to your chest, that's the point. Release slowly, and repeat.

Lastly, an exercise that require no explanation - the seated row!

As you do your seated row, keep your body upright throughout the exercises for optimum results.

While there are many other forms of exercise, these are great for starters! To learn more about getting in shape, feel free to find Zam at Anytime Fitness at PoMo Mall!