Having My Pet for Glamping with Glamping Hub

Glamping is more than just being out in the nature. It is a journey. It is about growing up, taking chances, discovering the hidden corners of the world, and most significantly, it is about recognizing the power and pure beauty of the simplest things in life. Especially doing it with people you love, animals you care and of course, with Glamping Hub!

It is amazing to find out that Glamping Hub has launched its new curation - Glamping Hub for Pets, which is perfect for pet owners who seek splendid outdoor time with their beloved animals! I can bring my cat and your dog along to stay with us, enjoy our time in the wild with our little pet! All without scouring through for a pet friendly outdoor accommodation.

Glamping Hub for Pets is a curated collection of pet friendly glamping accommodations that makes pet travel easy. Glamping Hub luxury outdoor accommodation portal allows pet owners to plan a luxury camping trip with our pets anywhere around the world. A variety of handpicked, pet friendly rentals are featured, including tree houses, cabins, tipis, and yurts, that all cater to nature lovers like us traveling with our pets.

Glamping Hub features over 500 listings, and it will double its inventory by the end of this year internationally! While majority of its listings are based in the United States, over 80 countries will be added in times to come, just as you had seen in my recent glamping trip in Melbourne!

Each unique glamping site featured has a beautifully curated profile that gives you all the information you need to confidently book a getaway with your pet. Glamping Hub has definitely made traveling with your beloved pet simple and enjoyable! I look forward to my next stay with Glamping Hub!

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