How Have EPN Supplements Helped Me?

Hello everyone!

It has been almost half a year since Elite Pro Nutrition's (EPN) help with my supplementation and I am here to share an update on how it has been working for me!

I enjoy outdoor activities although I may many a time whine and complain about the sun and heat. While that may be just for fun and laughter, sometimes the heat would take a toll on me. Even so, I have never let myself be so badly affected by such things. When I talk to my friends about how we have been actually aging and how our activities and diet have changed, it is hard to not talk about supplementation in our rat race lives.

I remember when I was twelve, my friend and I were always out at the playground, we did not even care if it was fasting month. We fasted, we played, we sweat, and we even went for our night prayers, and woke up the next morning for prayers again and eat before dawn. We would catch some sleep and the cycle continues.

Then in secondary school, I remembered how active I was running around school events taking photographs because I was in the Photography Club. Woke up as early as 6.45am for school, and be home as late as 7am after my Higher Mother Tongue lessons. My time committed to school was beyond office hours that was for sure!

Moving on in the next phase in life, I tried canoeing because I like it but I was not able to commit the training hours. I was busy working part time. Although my school schedule was not a stretch, I remember staying up till late to catch up with Japanese shows (back then it was a hit).

Now, I could not even last beyond midnight. Even for late night events, I would just want to go home before 11pm. Am I really that old? I like being on my feet, going places, running around but as life gets busier and working hours get longer than of factory workers, fuelling myself up becomes a bit of a hassle if not a problem. Back then, freshly cooked food was accessible because I had my late grandmother who cooked every single day, and in my poly days there were abundant of food to choose from six food courts in the campus.

Although at this age money is not much of a problem personally (thank God for that), the time to search around for healthy food or even waiting for long for food is not really an option. If I have only twenty minutes to my next appointment, scouting for food is not really a prudent thing to do.

So my supplements are great to compensate such losses from a subpar diet.

I join dragon boat for many reasons and one of them is to keep myself moving. I know sometimes I do look dog tired, or (maybe not) but each time has a point of satisfaction knowing that I am not idling still at home like a potato couch slothing away. On the upside although not the main intention, I get to make new friends.

So do I need that many supplements like a pre-workout, intra-workout and a post-workout? While motivation plays a part in wanting to get stronger to be competent in the team, having loaded with the great supplements complements it.

To keep up with my diet, I am utterly grateful for the existence of EPN supplements in my life. I enjoy the intense training although I am relatively weak, but the frequency of the training sometimes does not allow my muscles to recuperate as fast especially when the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) sets in!

With NutriForce's NutriWhey protein powder, it serves like a wall plaster that patches the torn muscles from working out. That is how I see it! The body mechanics of how protein powder is digested in your body is complicated to a certain extend as it is not something that you see physically. To me, it is like a wall with cracks, and then being plastered over. Over time, the wall will be bigger and thicker with more plaster added on. Muscles get stronger with better plaster of course!

While recovery is essential to avoid muscle aches which is commonly mistaken as injury, getting energy boost from the pre-workout is as essential. There are days I am not motivated to even do anything, let alone go to the gym or even the nearby park to run but we are certain that stamina and physique improvement can only be achieved through consistency and discipline. On days I do not feel like going to the workout, the pre-workout is a saviour as it compensates for the energy I have lost through the day. On days I that I have the drive to push a little bit more, it significantly enhances my workout. So much so on some days, hours spent in the gym feels short!

I guess we humans are kids at heart. We like to play, and we too like sweet and flavourful drinks. On a day to day basis, I take BCAA (amino acid) which theoretically helps to promote muscle growth through the synthesis of protein blocks in your body. In simple words, it is the cement that holds the brick that builds your muscles together, preventing muscle loss while you shed off your fats! It is a favourite product amongst athletes and myself!

My lifestyle has evolved into a condition where it requires proper diet to keep myself energized from early morning till night. With such busy schedule, supplements like protein, amino acid and even hydration powder is greatly helpful to compensate for my misses in my diet, and fortify my muscles.

Speaking of hydration powder, commonly known as isotonic drink, I am more than happy to share how this small bottle has indeed helped me with keeping myself hydrated! On the days that I made it for training during fasting month, hydration wore me out for the day. My energy was depleted, and all I did was rest to conserve energy. Usually drinking several glasses of water during break fast will not suffice to last me throughout my night prayers. Instead, it causes me to feel bloated yet dehydrated With NutriForce's Balance Hydration, one small scoop gives me the comfort of not getting cramps or feeling water bloated as the ingredients allows for fast water absorption into the body, especially in intense activities where you sweat a lot!

I am grateful with Elite Pro Nutrition's line of product that caters to my needs and requirements be it muscle supplementation, weight loss, and even products for joints support! It is definitely a great supplement portal for the elite athletes. As they say, to be one, you have got to play the part!

Log on to and use discount code ZY 10 for 10% off on your purchases. Below are my recommendations based on your concerns! Give them a try and let me know!

Muscle Gain and Recovery:
NutriWhey by NutriForce Sports (23 servings)
S$50.00/- before discount

NutriWhey by NutriForce Sports (46 servings)
S$95.00/- before discount

B-Nox Androrush by Betancourt Nutrition (35 servings)
S$55.00/- before discount

Weight Loss:
Carnitine Plus Series by Betancourt Nutrition (60 servings)
S$55/- before discount

Balanced Hydration by NutriForce Sports (35 servings)
S$25.00/- before discount

Natural Amino by NutriForce Sports (30 servings)
S$50.00 before discount

Complimentary delivery for orders above S$40.00/-. Support my journey with EPN and hopefully you will benefit and achieve your wellness goals with EPN products too!

Prices are correct as at 3 August 2016.

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