Fight for Hope at Operation Broken Wing 2016

Held last Saturday at Playscape, Operation Broken Wing is a regional charity event created to allow CrossFitters to engage in social good through fitness. Their purpose is to bring the CrossFit community together for a meaningful cause, raising funds for the forgotten youth. This month, the CrossFit community around the Asia Pacific Region will carry out their own versions of Operation Broken Wing - be it at a Box or via a large-scale event. The community will be coming together to make a difference!

Operation Broken Wing is a fitness charity event organised by Innervate CrossFit with REACH Community Services Society acting as its beneficiary. Designed to raise funds for the youth at risk in Singapore, athletes will have to perform a 15-minute workout called Fight For Hope, where each repetition performed translates to monetary donations from sponsors made to the beneficiary.

Supported by Tote Singapore and powered by National Youth Council with major sportswear brand Under Armour as the main partner, Operation Broken Wing 2016 is looking set to be bigger than the first year with more participants joining in more than before. EPN Singapore was also one of its sponsors and I am happy that I am supporting this not only for wellness, but for youth at risk too! They are the driving force of tomorrow and let's help them make the world a better place!

It was an event full of adrenaline. While participants were doing their best to make the reps count to get their sponsor to donate, there were other fringe activities supporters could to do as a charity challenge like the most burpees in a minute, 2-minute planking, battle rope and many more!