Shenzhen 2017 - Day Trip Shopping

Headed to Shenzhen right after visiting sky100's observation deck, so it was not really a day trip! Half a day was spent on the deck and commuting to Shenzhen. By the time I reached Shenzhen's immigration it was sunset. I was to glad to make it in time to see Shenzhen in daylight!

As it was a day trip, I did not plan anything for Shenzhen and China being very restrictive on its search engine and social media access just brought my will to explore the city down to a low. I spent the evening at the famed KK100 and KK Mall. I do not know what is with me and tall buildings but it just got on to me. I have no idea what triggered but my affinity towards tall buildings is probably attributed to convenience, being able to see everything from the top, giving me a sense of direction of the city whereabouts.

You know, like how you would orientate a map to ground.

Going to Shenzhen was just an alternative plan in case I got some of my reservations screwed up but since I managed to cover quite a lot my itinerary in my previous days and everything went gratefully smoothly, I thought why not!

I was travelling alone, and if anything ever went wrong along the way to Shenzhen like getting lost or what, nobody could blame me! Or even if I decided not to go back to Hong Kong and spend the night in Shenzhen, nobody could stop me either and ask if I am going back!

My dad told me Shenzhen is haven for electronic and tech products which I thought I had to see for myself. True enough, got myself some peripherals to go along with my iPhone. It was a good trip after all! Luckily I brought an empty backpack.

Thanks to accessibility by metro, it made travelling there so much easier! Just when I thought my transport system back home is efficient, my entire belief about that all changed when I managed to get from one country to another with so little walking and so much sight seeing along the way.

I do not mean to complain but here at home, we boast about how efficient we are compared to others. No clue who have we been comparing our efficiency with all these while. We are building so many lines and extensions, but none that could cross borders yet.

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