HydraFacial With Dr Kevin Chua

I have not had my facial professionally done for years!

This year, I thought I would go for one before the festive celebration but circumstances did not allow for that because of my humanitarian trip which I have yet to share! Photos and full story coming soon! I hope you guys will love it!

I have been meaning to go for facial and I searched high and low for the best in terms of price, service and of course the technology used. I have experienced the old style extraction which was painful and that made me dread facial extraction because I do not believe in paying to be in pain.

Last week, I went through HydraFacial at Drs Chua and Partners which is the up and coming technology in the aesthetics industry today. It felt a little bit like microdermabrasion which I did a few years ago, only this one feels better for several reasons!

The question about effort in taking care of our skin persists. How important it is to take care of our skin? It will regenerate itself right?

I am no skincare guru although I am always interested about grooming and whatnot. I am probably the last person that you should seek advice in this area but I can always refer you to the right person! Dr. Kevin Chua to the rescue!

I feel that skin care is very important not only because it builds confidence. Confidence could be boosted by healthy and supple skin.

The ritual of how you care for your skin says a lot about your personality. Hormonal changes aside, dull and blemished skin usually (not always - do not torment me for being judgmental) reflects poor hygiene, bad facial regime, or substandard diet. A tan skin shows how much you have been under the sun just as clear skin shows how much you take care of them.

Even at a young age, it is vital to maintain our skin so that it remains radiant through the remaining years after our body stops reproducing as much collagen as before! Apart from daily regime like ensuring you wash your face day and night, and applying the right moisturizer, it also has to be maintained by a professional monthly to make sure the dirt that is in the hard-to-get places are sucked out and more importantly, the nourishment applied onto the skin are well absorbed.

That is what HydraFacial is all about!

HydraFacial is said to yield better results than IPL, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The treatment merges soothing invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant and lasting results. Importantly, it works for all skin types and no downtime or discomfort.

I have had facial where I cringed and yelped during extraction. In HydraFacial, I was literally talking and bantering away while having my whiteheads vacuumed out. The procedure is non-invasive and has four steps.

It started of with cleansing and exfoliation. Activ-4 serum, a multi-action specialized skin solution that deeply cleanses skin while softening sebum and impurities to aid in extractions, was applied onto my skin. It helped to remove dead skin cells to uncover the healthy skin. Personally, it did not sting (maybe because I have thick skin? 😜), but I did feel some sort of painless reaction between the dead cells of my skin and the serum.

Once washed off, glycolic acid (about 7.5% in intensity) was applied to loosen the dirt and debris from pores without irritation. The percentage was very low to even feel any stinging. Glycolic acid is the acid commonly used in chemical peel procedures. At this intensity, it actually weakens the bond between the dead cells and your skin. Just as how you clean the tiles with special solution to soften the dirt before scrubbing, same concept!

Then, my favourite part came. All the dead skin, soften whiteheads and comedones were extracted using the automated vortex suction to clean out the pores. There were instances when we could hear rattling from the tube like how a vacuum cleaner sucked in all the dirt from the carpet.

Finally, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid were vortex-fused to nourish and protect the skin. While my face looked sore throughout the procedure, it was pain-free throughout!

Do you know what was the disgusting yet satisfying thing was? The cylinder which had clear waster became murky and that was where all the dirt from my face went!

With the advancement of new facial procedures which are pain free and instantaneous, gone are the days where people could say they have to suffer for beauty. My skin felt lighter probably because of all the heavy weight dead cells were gone and I could still smile without cracking my skin. A week passed ever since my first HydraFacial, I did not have super greasy skin even after a day out and I did not have the need to heavily maintain my skin. Of course I am just putting the great effects to test!

What's there not to love about this aesthetics new darling?

HydraFacial of course is best done under the purview of the right person! Dr Chua has an amazing clinic. The second level of his clinic befits a spa with warm lights and amazing photographs taken by him. He has been juggling well between being a General Practitioner (GP) and aesthetics master. He may at times be too busy to juggle between caring for the ill and aesthetics clients. As such, he has amazing staff in his team! His staff were friendly and relatable which is imperative and ideal for the cause he is supporting! His cause helps troubled youths to get back into the society! Will share it soon!

A huge thank you to Dr Kevin Chua and team for the amazing service!

Don't say I didn't share about my facial doctor!

Update as of 10 October 2019: Dr Chua is now located at the following new address -
360 Orchard Road
International Building
Singapore 238869
Telephone: +65 6694 6700

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