ASUS VivoBook E12 - Travel Essential That Balances Work and Entertainment

I was out window shopping and bumped across a small, handy laptop - ASUS VivoBook E12. I am an iMac user after so long, for about three years now. Yet, I do not want to lose touch with Windows operating system. The last Windows I used was Vista and I am amazed by how it interface had changed!

I decided to get a small laptop for several reasons. I have been traveling and been on the move a lot. I also strongly suspect that I would be busier than now in 2018. As such, it becomes quite imperative to update this space on the go and have other work done on time. I also realize, it was impractical to go for a half-a-month trip and come back with lots of good things to share but so little time due to other commitments back home. The struggle to keep up with my own life is real! 😆

Hence, having a lightweight laptop would definitely allow me to update this space on the go, hopefully more frequently. I mean, it is not always obligatory for me to update this space but it is always nice to update you guys with all the nice places and events while it is still hot.

ASUS VivoBook E12 stays true to its claim of being lightweight. It is fast, thanks to Windows 10, and has the essentials. Its physical weight is so light I got scared carrying it. Hands down, it lightens my baggage. Its keyboard is superb smooth. It allows me to type a little faster than usual. Resolution is fantastic enough to see details of raw photos and its speaker is louder than many others that I had compared. Its HDMI port for a small laptop makes movie screening more convenient than ever. It simply has the essentials for entertainment and work.

This is no review but I am just glad that I could book movie tickets and write on the go. Hopefully more things to share next year!

Besides, after attending many ASUS launches (thank you ASUS!), and seeing their latest products first hand, I do not have second thoughts about ASUS VivoBook E12!