Weekend at Gardens by the Bay's Cloud Forest

Spent the weekend at Gardens by the Bay's Cloud Forest dome. Gardens by the Bay is a wonderful place for an outdoor workout. Apt for cycling, rollerblading and other forms of rejuvenation. Very hopeful to spend more time there then have lunch as a routine! The hot season is here. While everyone is complaining about the weather, I do not see the reason for doing so because there are several upsides to it. Especially now that I am spending more time at home, I appreciate fast drying laundry and adding some colour to my skin. Just remember your sunblock!

Ironically, when I was at Gardens by the Bay, I would rather spend time in the Cloud Forest given the cooling ambience! I was not really dressed for a sweaty day anyway. If I had, you would have not found me in either dome. Managed to throw in something and churn a montage. Kudos to me!