Perth 2018 - Day Trip To Fremantle

Word has it that you have not been to Perth if you have not set foot on Fremantle. Is that true?

Fremantle is known for its fresh seafood, fishing port and its rather dark history, just as the weather when I reached Freo (short for Fremantle)

We were not able to schedule a weekend trip due to several reasons. Hence, we had to go on a weekday when the Fremantle Market was not open. If you are in Australia, never expect anything to open every day, or open till late. If anything were to still open at 9pm, consider yourself lucky. Everywhere is pretty much dead after 8pm. This includes Melbourne and Sydney which I had witnessed.

It was rainy that day. The weather was erratic, it would rain for a few minutes, then stop for another and the cycle goes on. I should have known the weather better and brought a poncho like I always did for other trips. Perhaps, it was the universe of singing 'Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in!'

However, I was not in the mood to feel the rain on my skin because the weather was already cold, and I was suited up for a surprise that I have arranged personally. Getting wet was not an option.

We first went to the Fremantle Prison Museum. Because of the rain, we had to run from the station to Fremantle which is a stone's throw away.

Fremantle Museum has a wide range of activities, ranging from a normal 'prison' tour which cost AUD$22, to as extreme as its tunnel tour, where it involves going through dry sections of the tunnels on foot, before boarding replica convict punts to explore the submerged passageways accessible only by boat. The full package could be as expensive as AUD$200 and given the conditions of the 'historical' prison, it would be very bizarre to pay that much to enter a prison.

Convicts go to prison for free, why would anybody pay that much?

However, there are free sections that you could visit and find out more about Australian history. Although if you had analyzed it properly, some of them seem fabricated.

We also dropped by WA Shipwrecks Museum. Entrance is free while they accept donations to maintain their museum. It was not exactly a big museum, but there were a few astonishing a artefacts like the original stern of Batavia shipwreck which carried an archway that was supposed to be shipped over to Jakarta, Indonesia by the Dutch.

Finally, we went to Kaili's because that's where many would go to try the best of Fremantle's seafood! Everything there was fresh and tasted so good that when I got back, it felt like I would not eat seafood here anymore. It took me quite a while to go back to eating seafood here!

Then later on that day, one of my relatives joined us for dinner. Thank you so much for the churros treat! God bless! Our day ended taking one of the last buses back to Perth city, enjoying the long ride and city lights. Till then! Busy week ahead. 😁