Perth 2018 - Caversham Wildlife Park

When I was in Australia about two years ago, several things did not go as planned and my dream to see The Blue Mountain and have a chance to get up close with kangaroos and other Australian animals crushed thanks to a lousy travel company.

This year, I am utterly and truly grateful that I was able to see, feed and even touch them at the Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth!

The family-run zoo is feels very intimate and private. If you are there expecting everything to be like the major zoos in the world, you are better off packing or have your own room service and see the world from your own hotel room.

This may be odd but what I really appreciate about Caversham Wildlife Park is the fact that it is one of the tourist attractions where the toilet has a bidet. Whew! 😌

As it is hard to do so many things in a day (given Australia's early closing hours), it is recommended that you go to Caversham Wildlife Park early. You would probably spend half a day there. By the time you are back at Perth City, it would be dinner time and most shops would be closed by then. That way, you could bask in all its exhibitions and shows without rush.

It is great for kids, likewise for adults. The show and special exhibition timings are not too far apart too in such a way that once you are done with a show, you could make it for another animal show without waiting for too long. Then after, you have all the time to explore their exhibit. It is not exactly a big zoo, but the shows are worth it because Caversham Wildlife Park features many local animals.

As a city dweller, the farm show was extremely informative and the best part of all was to feed all the kangaroos without limits! Till this day, I just could not get enough of all those cute and tame kangaroos! If only I could bring home one!