Asia's Got Talent - Anggun Pushes Her Golden Buzzer for Taiwanese Dance Crew

It was an eventful night for Taiwanese dance crew, Maniac Family when Anggun pushed her Golden Buzzer for them in last night’s episode of Asia’s Got Talent.

The Maniac Family consists of a teacher and her students who have been practicing ‘like maniacs’ in the past few years for Asia’s Got Talent. While they are a hip hop dance crew, they want to incorporate a little bit of their Chinese culture into their dance moves.

“I really, really liked it. You guys were very, very clean and precise. I loved all your expressions and fierceness and your attitude,” Jay Park said. “I think you guys were the best dance crew we have had on so far!”

“I liked the fact that you incorporated a bit of your culture. There’s a little bit of martial art,” Anggun added. “Well done, great!”

“I just love it when I can’t see anybody make a mistake. It was so precise and everybody was on their game,” David Foster said.

And when it came to voting time, Anggun simply asked “What is your favourite colour?” before pushing her Golden Buzzer for the dance crew.

“Congratulations! It was an excellent performance!” Anggun proclaimed.

The Golden Buzzer ensures that we will be seeing more of Maniac Family in the Semi-Finals in March where they will have a shot at the USD100,000 grand prize and the winning title.

Watch the encore telecast of this episode on Sunday at 9:05pm (8:05pm JKT/BKK) on AXN. New episode of Asia’s Got Talent airs every Thursday at 8.30pm (7:30pm JKT/BKK) on AXN. To follow the journey of this season’s acts, check out #AXNAsia and #AsiasGotTalent.