Change The Cycle by Carousell

In line with Earth Day next week, Carousell did some research about the fashion industry and they found some really interesting facts about the waste that is being generated from a single piece of clothing. They have created a #ChangeTheCycle movement on Carousell to encourage people like you to sell your preloved clothes to save the environment and also earn some extra cash!

I believe everyone should dress well, have a proper carrier when they shop and have proper straws to suck on when they drink carbonated drinks. Technology for green products are actually readily available too. Moderate consumption is key and sometimes, our lifestyle changes and we may not need the things we used to have anymore. Others might need it more now and they probably would not use it for too long. This is especially prevalent in luxury styles that we no longer adhere to but others might.

So, if it is still in pristine condition, why not pass it down and cash in for yourself? That is like paying yourself for taking care of your preloved items!

On a very personal note, just don't be a bitch when someone has given you an extremely positive review and you give a subpar one without reasons.