Sony Pictures Television Unveils First Look at Alex Rider Series from Eleventh Hour Films

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and Eleventh Hour Films (EHF) unveil first-look at the Alex Rider TV adaptation, SPT’s first spec series, which they are distributing worldwide. The eight-part coming-of-age series centres on Point Blanc, Anthony Horowitz’s second novel in the Alex Rider collection, which will celebrate their twentieth anniversary next year.

Filming has completed after an intensive six-month shoot that commenced in March, in a location so remote that cast and crew had to ascend snowy mountains in skidoos to access the Point Blanc exterior set. The initial weeks of filming involved action-packed stunts, including the iconic moment of Alex snowboarding down the mountain on an ironing board. It was then back to London for the remaining five months of shooting. Filming took the international cast and crew all over London and the South East, making use of locations such as; Bermondsey, Crouch End, Millennium Mills, South Bank, The Shard, Greenham Common and Osterley Park.

The trailer and first look stills illustrate Alex’s progression from teenage London schoolboy to meeting his handler Mrs Jones in The Department (a secret underworld offshoot of MI6) and embarking on his first undercover mission in the French Alps.

Otto Farrant, Alex Rider; “I’m so excited for audiences to see Alex Rider. Much like Alex this adventure threw me completely into the deep end. There were so many new exciting challenges to conquer, starting at the top of a mountain and ending running through the backstreets of Bermondsey. I’m over the moon to be able to share this journey with audiences and fans everywhere.”

Anthony Horowitz, Author of Alex Rider and Executive Producer; “I couldn’t be happier with this dramatisation of my books. Otto Farrant is a superb Alex Rider, brilliantly supported by Brenock O’Connor as his best friend, Tom. The series really captures the essence of the novels and I’m certain Alex Rider fans - and brand-new audiences - are going to enjoy this amazing adventure."

Jill Green and Eve Gutierrez Executive Producers, Eleventh Hour Films; “The process of making Alex Rider has been a joy, with a winning combination of an exceptionally talented and diverse cast, a top-level crew executing director Andreas Prochaska’s creative vision and truly gripping scripts by Guy Burt. We hope audiences will enjoy this contemporary take on a classic story.”

Wayne Garvie, President, International Production at Sony Pictures Television; “We wanted Alex Rider to have cinematic scale, a true premium drama for international audiences, to be enjoyed by all ages. Eleventh Hour have delivered a series that does justice to Anthony’s iconic books. The direction, the soundtrack, the performances, they are all fresh and unique, we think we have something very special.”

The series was directed by International Emmy award-winning Andreas Prochaska (Das Boot, The Dark Valley), and adapted by BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Guy Burt (Bletchley Circle, The Borgias, The Hole). Executive producers include; Anthony Horowitz, Guy Burt and Andreas Prochaska, with Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green for Eleventh Hour Films and Wayne Garvie for Sony Pictures Television.

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