The First Day in Bangkok

Hi Bangkok! 🙏

I was glad for this trip because the year had been a busy and tiring one. This would be the last year I will be doing odd jobs because next year, I am hopeful to get a proper one.

I will be taking a break these two months. As such, I am doing my best to cut down on social media. The fear of missing out is real! Even if I am not cutting back totally, I am hopefully to leverage on social media for something constructive and positive.

This trip would be the first this year that I flew with Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines have changed a lot. For a short-haul flight, I may have been desensitised and immune to the templated pleasantries - let’s be real, how personalised can service be in economy class? Fortunately, the new entertainment system is pretty lit. Apart from its touch screen features which have now become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, I am loving the detailed flight information which includes a simulated cockpit view.

The best part for window seat lovers, the windows are now electronically tinted where you could change the opacity of the shade. That allows you to enjoy the view without blinding yourself!

The joy of flying with SQ was made much better when the food served was my favourite! Roti Jala with curry. I just wish there was more curry though.

Upon landing, I filled in my arrival card and was surprised by my friend who turns out to be in Bangkok for business.

The hotel I stayed in was simple yet nice. After all, I was only at the hotel to sleep and maybe hit the gym - if I had the time.

It has a nice pool, gym and importantly, a stable Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is for sure the definite way in making or breaking the standard of service. It also has a free shuttle that could shuttle us to major malls like Siam Paragon.

As it turns out, my gym gear remains untouched and dry. So much for waking up early and hitting the treadmill. My stamina has been down the drain and I would like to pick up the momentum once more. Shopping has made a great workout alternative. Carrying paper bags are definitely weight lifting and running from one store to another is simply cardio. For abs, thinning wallet and maxed out credit cards are sure ways to stop you from eating. Only kidding!

Yet, people ask how to diet. 😂

I first went to Terminal 21 because that was one of the last places I remembered that has a mixture of the franchise and independent brands. Besides, there were many streets outside the mall where you could explore for food and spas for a quick foot rub after a long walk along the street.

I went to Lek Massage Bangkok which was pretty decent.

I went back after as I was too tired by then. Stay tuned for my next post. Till then. 🙏

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