The Second Day in Bangkok - Lunch at Siam Paragon

Good morning, I meant afternoon!

I am not a morning person when it comes to holiday so waking up early is not exactly part of the itinerary. It took me a few years to realize that.

I almost missed my sunrise viewing at Burj Khalifa. I frantically woke up and rushed to the tallest building in the world in the wee hours of the morning. For once, I knew my way around the largest mall in the world. That was epic.

Then, I went to Australia and almost missed my flight back because I was too tired to even hear the alarm.

After which in Hong Kong, I woke up as late as 2pm and almost missed my tour on the Ferris wheel. 

Sleep is essential during travel so that you are at your best to enjoy everything Bangkok has got to offer. Be it its amazing culture, shopping experience or street food.

We started the day having brunch at Siam Paragon. Since it was a weekday, there were not many people shopping except during lunch hour where we had to share the space with workers lunching there. I went for light grocery shopping in case I had hunger pangs at night.

Bangkok is not as cheap as I thought it would be. You may have a different opinion on this matter. Imported items were on average 20% more expensive than usual. It kind of forces you to get local products from local businesses but aren’t franchises owned by local companies? 🤔

Anyway, we parted ways at MBK. The mall has been renovated. The last time I went there, everything looked dated. Today, everything looks bright and white. New mall, new prices. The displayed prices for anything makes you shy away from even opening a bargain price.

Or was it just my inflated expectation?

I did not buy anything there so I did not manage to explore the true bargain.