Not All Body Clocks Are Swiss Made

I felt so defeated whenever I go to the gym in the evening after a long day out. I was inexorably spent before then.

Each evening after going to the gym, I would spend another hour or two to settle myself down and prepare for tomorrow. Not all of us have the luxury of having dayang-dayang or domestic helper. Some things like scrubbing my feet and combing my hair have to be done on my own. #independent #kidding

I started to wonder how can I get the best of my day. The trouble is, my most physically intense activity falls on a time where I would be exhausted by then. The following morning, I had to binge on coffee to sluggishly went through the day. Neither efficient nor productive for daily activities that require a certain level of brainpower.

Then, a revelation came. Why not, start the day as early as possible and by the time I get home, I could just wind down and sleep?

I could not be more grateful for this newfound resolution.

Like the saying that goes pagi tidak dibuang, senja tidak dikejar, I began to start my day as early as 5am, two hours earlier than my norm - 7am. Two days in, I could feel the difference.

The first order of things was going to the gym. The upsides are multifold. First, there was an essence of focus. I could only spend minimum time in the gym and would not hang around the rack only to ransack videos and social media. With this, chop-chop I get to complete my essentials (we leave the full workout on weekends) like running and compounds.

By then my body is all heated up and all ready for the day. Turns out, I became more energetic than I thought I would be. I have always thought I would be lethargic for the day if I had started gym first. Indeed, I was mistaken. In fact, I could have lunch without the guilt of falling into a food coma.

By dusk, it was just nice to get back and take time to prepare for the following day. By the time it ends, I would be only energetic enough for routine things like wiping my phone and replying messages (yes, this requires effort and my friends know it takes me more than a day to reply). Then, I would sleep well like a baby especially with my new mattress topper from SleepWiz.

Sleep is so important in this new age where it is so hard to disconnect from the real or even virtual world. Sleep according to science defragments your mind. It's like clearing the cache of your brain for the next day.

Fikiran bercelaru dijamin kalau tidak cukup tidur.

Two days trying this new routine and it was amazing. I had lesser coffee throughout the day, paced out my a cut above and sleep better. Now a few days into this and I am trying to make this a constant. The best part, I get to spend my time during set breaks every morning to set my day proper and make sure my appointments are all in order. 🙏🏻

This warrants a sigh of relief. For now.