Uninterrupted Rest with SleepWiz

It has been a while since I wanted to get a new mattress. As time goes by, the quality of sleep has never been more important. I have been wanting good bedding to ensure I am well rested for the following day. A night of sound sleep has been a goal for any adult and SleepWiz's mattress topper has made it a reality.

Sleep is essential just like food, air and water are. In the midst of busy 2020, quality sleep is all the more important. What is quality sleep?

Uninterrupted sleep is foremost. It is the one that wakes you up the next morning having the will to live, and the will to leave the bed. The journey to good sleep begins with a step.

Order SleepWiz online. Obviously. SleepWiz has made it simple for you to order online.

I had mine delivered and it was up to standard. Punctual and the delivery guy even made a call to ensure the delivery was a success.

The arrival came in just in time. It was about time to do some routine spring cleaning like changing bedsheet, airing of my rugs and cleaning my screens and mirrors.

At first, I thought it was not delivered yet because several boxes were lying around in the house. When I returned my missed call to ask about the delivery, it said it has been delivered. I searched around and found it to be camouflaged with several other boxes. Who would have thought a mattress topper would be packed that small?

Do not be deceived.  The packaging may be compact but the weight simply tells you that this topper is not a kucing kurap (an inferior) one.

Opening the item was no mess as it was vacuum packed. Tidily packed items are the best. As I let it unroll, I opened the window to let out factory smell the mattress topper had. What is new without that factory smell? It was faint and was gone before I knew it and was up to good use that night.

My first night with SleepWiz was not exactly as I hope it would be for the obvious reason. It is like getting a fresh crisp bedsheet that needs some getting used to. It was not uncomfortable, just needed that time to get used to the new bedding texture.

Sleeping on day two onwards was better. After a long day out and some time at the gym, it was something to look forward to especially after a warm shower and fresh nightwear.

The feeling is indescribable.

This mattress topper adds hardness to my already soft mattress.

My Bonell spring mattress is getting pretty annoying as I age because for every turn I make I am woken up by the movement of the rest of the spring. Now, all I want is something stable that does not bounce like like a balloon castle.

It affected my sleep and soon after, my mood. With SleepWiz mattress topper, which I top it on top of my spring mattress, it literally absorbs that problem away.

I had better sleep gratefully! It has been instrumental in help me get a good night's rest before waking up at 5am in the morning. I am just hoping I could last through this routine for at least a month!

If you are ever in doubt if its quality, truth be told that SleepWiz offers trial to all of you. SleepWiz surely puts the money where their mouth is. It allows you to trial their mattress for one good one week. Otherwise, you are free to return them.

Have you seen those mattress companies that have so many kinds till you lose sleep ruminating over which one to pick?

Variations are available on their official website. Whether you would like to harden or soften the texture of your bed, SleepWiz has the straight forward solution.

I would definitely recommend SleepWiz. It does not take a sleeping wizard to tell a good mattress topping.

Now, let me return to my slumber. Remember to make your order.

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