Making the Best of It with Carousell

The past few months have been tough due to COVID-19. Carousell have been inspired by many Carousellers who have been making the best of it - from making ends meet to making things work; from making it big to making it through the week. Let's celebrate their resourcefulness and encourage them with Carousell's #MakingTheBest campaign! I was very fortunate to receive a box of collection of items which have wonderful stories that illustrate how Carousellers are using Carousell to make the best of what they have and help others. 

In this care pack which I am very appreciative of, consist of a handmade mask that was made by a makeup artists who could not work during the Circuit Breaker measure. While sewing was not the seller's forte, losing all the makeup gigs have limited her from going through life as per usual. An epitome of resilience and adaptability, she took time to learn and adapt to new changes. At some point, masks have to have a touch of cuteness to give a soft touch to an already grim situation. As advised by major agencies, a mask is better than no mask at all. You may find out more about these handmade masks here.

While most of us are working and studying from home, it is also important to call out on each other to know that we are no alone. Like how migratory birds call one another throughout their long flight, this pandemic is not short of its resemblance. The artist of this postcard had to stay at home when the Circuit Breaker measure was announced in April. According to the seller, the proceeds of the sales also goes to her fund raising project to provide nutritious meal to migrants workers. It was also shared that the receipts are shared with buyers so that they too will know where these contributions are going. You may find out more about these hand painted postcards here

After so long being at home, it is also about time to get something that relaxes the mind with handmade candles and fragrances. Not my first time using their candles and it has this memorable luxurious scent which is hard to ignore. You may find out more about these handmade scented candles here

It is unfortunate technology has not allowed us to upload scent yet. Anyway, who knows this could be your one stop shop to get your wedding needs as the face mask designer now incorporates wedding face masks for bride and groom, and the candle maker was ever approached to make wedding favours and potentially drop a message to the postcard artist to create your wedding invitation cards? Hopefully this also gives you a picture on how you could maximise Carousell's platform to sell your home business products! 😁