Form Your Fitness Squad with Homeground Gym

Since the pandemic, it has been hard to get to the gym. The public gym is always fully booked, almost impossible to get a slot, and other gyms are just a tad too expensive. Boy, it breaks the bank.

If you are looking for a pocket friendly one that opens 24/7 year-round, look no further than Homeground Gym that recently had its soft launch. Trivially if your favourite colour is blue, this could be your to-go gym! 😆

Everything in Homeground Gym smells new - the rubber mat floorings is so new I feel guilty dripping sweat on them. The gym has all equipment - you name it; racks, machines, dumbbells, bumper weights for serial lifters, a stretching area, lockers, and shower, it is all-in.

What's stopping you from gymming is probably the will to make a move. As Homeground dares you with a rhetorical quote that says 'one day or day one'.

The starkly lit neon is a sure reminder that for any change to happen, action is all it takes, or it would just be a pipe dream. If that does not motivate you enough, there is always in-house trainers to guide and hold your hand on your fitness journey. I had the honour to learn some new workouts there today, and of course, I am looking forward to working out there again!

For more information on their personal training and transparent pricing, log on to 💪