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The Second Day in Bangkok - Exploring ICONSIAM

ICONSIAM is not short of being iconic. I received a message from my university friend recommending me to go to ICONSIAM. He said the mall was nice and has a lot of spots for taking photographs. I thought it was just another new mall. I was wrong. 🤭 The colossal mall is showered in gold. The new landmark is the definition of grand and opulence. True to its name, ICONSIAM boasts two residential towers in Siamese rendition of Lord of The Rings towers. The mall is home to upper-tier luxury brands and decorated with luxurious Thai art, gold pillars and ceilings. The temple for luxury labels and home to culture also features an indoor floating market which makes it a very cultural experience. It is the refuge for the rich Thais to find solace in retail therapy. The symbolism felt veritable as I took the shuttle boat from across the river. If shopping is an act of worship, being in ICONSIAM is like being in pilgrim. At some point, it felt like the mall version of magnificence in

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