Brands for Good Award 2023

Brands For Good, a Singapore-based non-profit organisation founded in 2017, is proud to announce the 5th edition of the Brands For Good Awards for 2022/2023. At the forefront of promoting businesses that embrace “goodness” and that make initiating positive change a part of their DNA and culture. Each year Brands For Good sets an award theme to promote the different underlying themes of “doing good in business”. This year’s awards seek to recognise purpose-driven companies.

The finest takeaway was from Dr. Simon, who touched on Sustainable Development Goals. He talked about how ecocide is genocide, where such actions slowly washes out the human race as a whole. Above all, he also mentioned how, in order to achieve sustainability, we need to have a mindset shift from reduction of consumption to regeneration of resources (like planting trees). Importantly, the burden of resolving this problem falls on the current generation, and if they are able to resolve it, they will be the greatest generation ever to live. The challenges faced by all of us are all real (as you can feel the heat this season). 🔥
Brands for Good 2023 wrapped up with a 6-course meal and a networking session. I was very lucky to be at the same table as one of this year's winners! Funny story: I had a stack of my name cards ready years ago, but I never felt the need to distribute them because I was so busy with other things.

I thought, "Okay, this looks like clutter, so let's throw it away. I can just generate a QR code name card next time." 

Today, that QR code failed on me. How embarrassing!

Above all, congratulations to all Brands for Good 2023 winners and stay inspired and inspiring! 🥳