Summer in South Korea - Reflection of My Trip in South Korea

Jeju Island is super clean and seeing their people going green (they recycle almost everything), I start recycling where possible too. They are such a model for green power through harnessing solar and wind energy. Even their harvest (of abalones and teas) are clean and fresh!

As I walk down the streets of Seoul, almost everyone was well dressed and looked flawless (at least by my standard!). It is true as they say, Seoul is the capital city for fashion and aesthetics. It is amazing how they kept their culture, continue using their native language, at the same time be the frontiers of innovation in technology in the realm of telecommunications and aesthetics.

I might have felt the vibe of K-pop when I was in Seoul. It changed my perspective towards K-pop and I am a shameless Blankpink listener now. It took quite a while for me to appreciate the sound quality, its optics and production value. 

All above made me question, how can I emulate such drive for perfection in my own craft?

That is all about my trip in South Korea. After such reflection, I now idle by the window waiting for the bills to roll in while Samyang becomes my staple diet momentarily. 😂