Fendi's S/S 2014

Hello, how's everyone doing? I have never been so alive this week because I had the time to drop by Fendi yesterday to see it's S/S 2014 collection. I need some fashion inspiration after working so hard for the past few weeks.

As I said before, I am just a fashion enthusiast, not really an expert so there's no way I'd be there alone. So I'm grateful to attend this event with friends. There are definitely some things that really caught my attention this season.

I am really in love with the Bag Bugs and Furrytale collection because it gives the label a new edge. I will probably get myself a Bag Bug with Swarovski eyes that gives what was thought as kid's toy, a touch of luxury. Unfortunately, I am not a kindergarten teacher that has the opportunity to be popular among his students with a Swarovski eyed fur ball.

For the girls, they will definitely love the Furrytale bracelet because the colors are expressive and vibrant. Added to shiny Delfina Delettrez designs are furs to give it a flowy touch that adds grace to your every move.

As for me, before touching anything from the new season collection, I'd go for the safest bet - leather goods. Before getting a new bag, we need to find a real estate for it!

The boldest things to do is to try out an outfit that's probably made only for the tall and lanky! While it's nice, the cutting does not seem to be my-body-structure friendly!

And before leaving, we just had to find something that suits us all. A beautiful arm candy!

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