Sofitel So Singapore

Hey globetrotters! How's it going? I am excited today because I have something to share with you guys and it's bloody awesome. Wait, since when the things that I have shared has not been awesome? All of them are! Only that today, I am presenting to you something that is really unique that you will not find anywhere else in Singapore!

Born and bred in Singapore, I have this dream of going to the capital city of fashion one day - Paris. For a start now, I can always drop by Sofitel So Singapore to experience that! Everything is Parisian chic! The entire hotel is an epitome of French art and Singapore history. I will tell you soon what's my favourite hangout in this luxurious designer hotel.

So Singapore emblem designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
The hotel is located at 35 Robinson and if you have no idea where it is, we are destined to be on the same boat! It is actually right beside the all time popular tourist eating spot - Lau Pa Sat. If that does not ring a bell still, you're probably not local, local noob, or just an ignorant tourist. Haha! But Lau Pa Sat is a must know even if you have not been there! Especially if you have set foot here in Singapore. Lau Pa Sat is a melting pot of traditional food.

The hotel is more than meets the eye. It is majestically facaded by impressive symmetrical columns and large balconies overlooking the bustling central business district, a perfect location to feel the pulse of the city. Inside, you will be greeted by a humble yet elegant lobby with touches from Isabelle Miaja, alongside with Karl Lagerfeld who combines French elegance and Singapore flair.

iPad that controls everything in the room.

There are 134 rooms and 9 suites. The suites are to die for because it is so futuristic and classy in its own way! It has an iPad that allows you to control everything, from lighting to curtains which you can carry anywhere you like in the room and instead of the classic hotel telephone, the room is equipped with iPhone which makes it not only handy to make calls from anywhere, you can always browse what So Singapore has got to offer.

Beautiful suite!
The tub that fits two.

You will love the bathroom! The suite has a tub that can fit two. Very romantic! It has a jewellery and vanity box that is personalized for his and hers, which is really useful. If you remember vividly in the news back in 2009, there was a case where this tourist who reportedly lost her diamond ring in Shangri-La, and the entire lawsuit going on. So Singapore simply solves the problem by not only by providing a safe box but also a jewellery box! Genius!

Remember where to put your jewellery next time!
I like the fact that everything is so personalized, elaborated and engaging. Not only the frequent things you use and see are specially designed. Even the mini bar is! If you fancy a cocktail, each bar in the room has the recipe of So Singapore's signature cocktail. As for you tourists who are unfamiliar with local snacks, not sure if it is nice to your liking, would like to try or even feeling adventurous, you can mindlessly pick the snack that you want. That way you will not have to regret what you have picked.

The recipe for So Singapore's signature cocktail.
Labels that eases your choice of snack!

The room itself is furnished with lots of art. It is so amazing that you would like to buy a piece of it. Unfortunately, they are not for sale! That exclusive!

If you are hungry and would like to taste some culture, you can always cross over to Lau Pa Sat (10 seconds walk, I swear it is that near), but So Singapore's Xperience restaurant is not short of competitive menu. You get to design your own customised menus, based on different culinary experiences - crunchy, juicy, smoky, creamy, silky, spicy and zesty – to name a few. The resident chef Anne-Cecile Degenne is Singapore's first female hotel executive chef.

So Singapore's Xperience restaurant has an open kitchen, you can always see what are they doing from where you are seated. Open concept restaurant is something that is very hard to pull through especially in epicurean hotels like this but the custom made state of the art kitchen appliances is something that should not be in the hiding!

For those who fancy some intimate time with your loved ones, there is a private dining section which can sit up to eight. The cosy private dining room is not short of art too. The art piece that you see below is the combination of Singapore's MRT and Paris' Metro network map.

Singapore MRT and Paris Metro map combined. Nice!
The open concept Xperience restaurant.
I love every part of the hotel! Even the lobby is scented with signature fragrance designed just for So Singapore. There is one thing that is the cherry on the cake; the La Bibliotek. Simply means the library. As Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld has the final say on each and every piece of art that is found in So Singapore, a monumental library was built to remind every visitor of his stake in the art pieces that you see. The library has a collection of all his books, and it is the only place in Singapore that has the widest collection of his books. Add on to that, every month, the library will feature exclusive titles of his book for guests to read. In other words, going to his library is as close as you can get to the luxury fashion magnate.

"Reading is a sport. Books are my personal brain building."
The array of Karl Lagerfeld's collection of books.

Location: Sofitel So Singapore, 35 Robinson Road, Singapore 068876
Telephone: 6701 6800
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