Trick Eye Museum Singapore - Tips for Full Experience

Aneyong haseyo!

Ouh my God you guys should really visit Trick Museum here in Singapore! I just went there last Friday with my brother and it was FUNtastic!

As Fridays are the start of the weekend, and as much as I have tight schedule, I love to be out and about. So I thought, why not? Trick Eye Museum originated in South Korea. There was much fanfare about it because about 3/4 of my relatives have been to Korea themselves and they were talking about it. I haven't had the chance to visit South Korea, not just yet!

Going to Trick Eye Museum Singapore definitely gave me a jist of what South Korea has got to offer. What's more with new Korean restaurants and retail coming up at Resorts World Sentosa, it will definitely be the hot spot for tourists like myself to have the best from South Korea.

We can't be just importing Korean facial products anyway - the market is too saturated already. Ain't gonna go for another The Face Shop for facial spree and have every salesgirl go "Annyeong Haseyo!" at me.

Korean art though? I approve.

Trick Eye Museum is one of the latest attractions and my latest fancy in Resorts World Sentosa. As you know, I am quite a fan of Resorts World for their wonderful places like Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, and now, Trick Eye Museum. If you have been here in Singapore and you have not heard or been to the Trick Eye Museum, you are a little outdated! It is about time you book a ticket and bring your entire family to enjoy this travel heaven!

As the first overseas venture of the renowned South Korean gallery, the museum features 80 paintings and optical illusion installations. To give it a local touch, about 50 artworks were created exclusively for Singapore gallery. One of them is the famous Horse Racing as pictured and Merlion Boat.

If you are there, you will see a sculpture of a giant baby upon entrance. It is the debut of that artwork being displayed. It's really huge!

In there, you will be brought through six themed zones, namely World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Stars of Circus, Dreams of Fairytale, Love in Winter, and Adventure Discovery. Where's Fad's theme!? Haha! Besides original artworks, the museum will also be home to popular art pieces replicated from the South Korean gallery, including Angel’s Wings, Moon over the Sky (as pictured) and Human Cannonball.

How to get there?

Here's the funny thing. I asked one of the staff there on how can I get to Trick Eye Museum. Since Resorts World Sentosa is huge, the last thing I want to do is to be lost. So he said and I quote,

'You just need to walk straight, and when you see a big screen, turn right.'

Almost got wet.

I almost walked literally right through the ground water fountain. So if you must ask where is it, be sure to look out for those hidden water fountains. Instead, the message should be,

'You just need to walk straight on the sides of the fountain, turn right upon seeing the big screen.'

You're welcome!

The museum is not really prominently located. Would appreciate clear signs very much! That does not mean it is hard to find. If you alight at the Waterfront monorail station, all you have to do is, walk towards the first water fountain, which will lead you to an arena (The Bull Ring), and then you will see a huge screen on top, walk towards the screen you will see a sheltered pathway on your right and as you walk towards the end of it, you will see the Trick Eye Museum Singapore ticketing booth. Honestly, I have never read their maps or directory even if they show me. I'd just gaze at it and nod. Ain't gonna spend so much time mapping it to ground! Amazing how I did well in map reading in Geography back then. Yay me!

Go as early as possible!

Trick Eye Museum opens daily from 10am to 9pm. As a tourist, you'd want to buy the tickets as early as possible because the ticket is valid for the day. Especially if you are staying around in Sentosa, you can always drop by again anytime during their opening hours to have a photo reshoot. There are peak periods too especially during the holiday season. Who knows along the way you have bought a new shirt or dress at the mall downstairs and would like pull off a look that goes along with the art theme!

Wear appropriately!

Having said that, ladies, you might want to consider wearing shorts or jeans instead of skirts. Unless you would like to put on a show, having anything that covers what is on the inside is always appropriate! Especially when this attraction is meant to be family friendly. Otherwise, you will stand a chance to feel embarrassed about yourself and you can't be too adventurous on your poses. Just be sure you can stretch your legs with skinny jeans! I'm saying based on experience! With that jeans though, hips don't lie.

Have your camera ready!

It is also mandatory to have your camera fully charged with ample memory. Like for me, I rarely take photographs. In this case though, my camera memory use were off the charts!

This is a museum where it is not meant for solo-mios. If you are hoping to find your true love in an art museum by being alone and then, bump into your star crossed lover, like what you see in Korean dramas, sorry, this is so not the place! The odds will not be in your favour. Not to say you won't find it there - but don't expect it! Bring a friend at least so that you guys can help each other to take photographs. This is also definitely one of the many art museums that allows photography. Some art museums are pretty anal about that, but not this. Take advantage of it!

Also, selfie stick doesn't help.

Remember to switch off your flashes - Trick Eye Museum is really well lit. That's one way you can save your camera power, and follow the standpoint given for the best angle - because retakes will annoy the people waiting at the back!

This visit gives you a reason to bond.

If you are shy being labelled child-like, you can always bring your baby nephew or niece or baby brother or sister to give you a reason to go. Just hope they know how to take photos for you too! Haha!

We will be having two public holidays in a few weeks time, so you might want to visit this it place with your family and friends!

Good stuffs come in packages.

One-day admission tickets to Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa are priced at S$25 for adults and S$20 for children/seniors. Multi-attraction packages are also available for frugal spenders like myself. You can purchase tickets and packages onsite or online at or Till then!

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Credits to RWS and TIN.