Bank Art Fair 2014

Hey guys! Hope you guys are all well this weekend, and are using the best of this time to enjoy and relax! I have to say I am so grateful that my hurdle for three days this week is over, and I will definitely plan something more strategic next year! But let's not talk about life stress right now.

It's been a while since Digital Fashion Week and the past few weeks have been crazy fun month for me with all these opening parties and events. I love it, and I would like thank you lovelies for making it possible for me. Bless you guys! Would like to congratulate Empire club for its grand opening (it's a must-go club, I cross my heart), and Affordable Art Fair 2014 for the amazingly huge art exhibition showcase that was held till 23 November.

For me, this month's major art event would be the Bank Art Fair 2014 held at Pan Pacific Hotel from 20-23 November 2014. I have a high appreciation for art, probably because I can't paint for nuts - But I can always collect them, and who knows, sell it away at a higher price. Like stocks and gold, it depends on what type of art do you purchase and being a collector, art is not something that one would want to buy impulsively.

Bank Art Fair 2014 definitely gave us the space to immerse in the artists creativity and entertain my friends. Not every art pieces are up to my liking, but I do quite appreciate the technique, the background of the art and the hard work and patience they put in. Whatever price that their gallery has put up for these artists, they are definitely well justified! In their pieces, there were more than just paints that were used for the art pieces exhibited, but also include other materials like papers, precious metals, and even resins (which makes everything look very swarovski-ish). The majority of the works were contemporary, and participating galleries and artists hail from all over the world including South Korea, North and South America, Myanmar, Hong Kong and more.

Bank Art Fair 2014 was held at Pan Pacific - very central, easy to find, and because the hotel is newly renovated with a scenic view of the Singapore skyline, it really help buyers to have an idea how will it look like in a home setting. Since art pieces are everywhere in the room, you can imagine how it goes with the lighting that you have. Loving their exquisite taste!

So here are some of the art pieces that are my favourite!

Would like to take this opportunity to those who came with me, and made this possible! :)

If you miss this year's event, fret not as they are planning for an annual run. So keep lookout!