Best of Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

To wrap up my collection of Dubai adventures, I would like to thank my friends for such wonderful hospitality and companion throughout my stay in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I would like to thank Malaysia Airlines for their wonderful hospitality. Their hospitality made me feel like I have friends throughout my flight to laugh and kid with, keeping their professionalism in check. The food was amazing albeit I never liked flight food. I would expect to sleep on my journey but I didn't! It goes to say something about how entertained I was. It really defines MH - Malaysian Hospitality.

Also, would like give some love to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for being so ever wonderful to bring me on a tour despite such busy period. It is an honor and I really appreciate it a lot. If there could be any better gift, it would be my wish for Farah Leisure Parks Management team to be blessed with great successes in the future.

Adding on to the list is Observation Deck at 300 for the well curated high tea with such stunning view. I also would like to thank you for the wonderful personalised souvenir you gave and my wish is for you to stand tall in Abu Dhabi as ever!

To Capital Gate Hyatt, I would like to thank you for arranging such wonderful and warm reception. You have one of the most attentive butlers and staff running around, which made things very, very seamless for me and I am grateful for that especially in the mid of the trip, everything starts to get messy and you're there to help to sort things out! Also it was because of Capital Gate Hyatt I get to learn in depth about the Emiratis.

Lastly, of course, to Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, thank you for the wonderful surprise. I was caught off guard really. Your cheesy sticks are the best, and I love it! I was not wrong to choose to patronize Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort because there may be a lot of private beaches out there but nothing beats kindness with initiative.

So if you are ever going to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, remember to pay them a visit and experience it first hand!

Let me me entertain you with a video montage of my trip to Dubai and Abi Dhabi, featuring amazing places like the largest indoor theme park Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, scenic high tea at Observation Deck at 300 at Jumeirah (Etihad Towers), wonderful beach at Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, the furthest leaning hotel Hyatt Capital Gate, breathtaking fireworks at the tallest building Burj Khalifa and many more.