It's Called Part-Time Not Without Reason

Hey everyone! Believe it or not, semester break is over and before you know it you are now embarking into the new semester and then you will be sitting for your exams and poof! There goes one year... It's hard to accept that time flies so fast with so many things going on in our lives.

It is all the more important to live the life we want (morally that is) so that we will not regret it one day. Life is short. We don't know when's our time to go and when it's time, we have to ask ourselves, what mark do we leave behind during our breathing days?

While we ponder about that, life still goes on and to make the best out of our lives, it is all the more important to get the job and experiences you need. In school, you are exposed to many options about part time jobs in Singapore. Often times we consider salary but is that it? What about the hours? Where? What are the perks? And most importantly, who's your boss going to be?

It's called part-time not without reason. It should only take a part of your time, yet be a meaningful part of your life.

What's the hours like?
It's easy to say you'd take the highest paying job because of its short term nature - usually during holidays. If it's highest paying, does it really mean it's the job worth taking? It's semester break, if you're not going to spend time to socialise with your friends (which is quite important in school), you still need some time to settle school demands like completing assignments and attending supplementary lessons. You wouldn't want to be burnt out and not get the best of both worlds because schooling is one of the most rewarding times in your life.

It's hard to make our juniors understand that, but it's a perpetual cycle: when you grow up, you'd say the exact same thing. So, I wouldn't advise anyone to spend so much time doing their part time job to the extent of missing a huge part of their youth for work. It does supplement your experience but even so, that does not guarantee that you'd get a job these days anyway.

Pick a job that suits your schedule, not your financial ravenousness because what matters is your financial blueprint, not the size of your paycheck.

Tested and proven!

Location plays a huge part in your motivation to go to work. Odd jobs shouldn't require you to travel so far or a lot for that matter. I salute those who are working part time at places as remote as Sentosa, standing on stilts parading the Egyptian World at Universal Studios. It's one thing to be admired for their washboard abs, but to go to Sentosa every time to work? Thinking about it tires me already. If that's their motivation though, why not?

As for me, I'd rather work somewhere that's really convenient for me. It does not only saves time, it saves money too! I remember working in town once, it was all prestige and all - which is why businesses want a piece of the address for image sake. Unfortunately, as a student, it was not something for me to leverage upon because for someone who works to save, working in town was an expensive affair.

Oooh, what's in it for me? Like, really.
Part time jobs for students should be filled with hidden perks, really. Unfortunately we live in a state where there's no minimum wage like Australia and Monaco. Otherwise, schools would probably be closed by now because their minimum wages are pretty lucrative. Probably more than what a Singaporean executive would be getting in a month!

Our semester breaks are usually too short to even try to work overseas. So, we are still better off settling for something that is non-monetary, like free lunches and usable goodies perhaps?

As part time workers, you are usually different because you do not have as much perks as compared to the permanent staffs. Say if one were to work in a hotel, they don't usually get company benefits like a heavy discount on staycations or restaurants. Which results in comparable disparity of privileges because most of the full time workers in hospitality are usually foreigners, which a handful of Singaporeans come to look at with disdain.

I don't mean to be xenophobic. That's the reality of the situation when the fact is, most of the chain hotels are foreign owned. Woops! See the irony there?

I love working in hospitality back then because I see things differently. In hospitality, we need to be in our best. Be it our mood, our appearance and behaviour. So most hotels that I had worked with back then offered the basic pay - which I must say, small. However, food was all provided - which means if you're lucky, the soft croissant and muffins you see on the buffet will be yours after; specially delivered from the hotel kitchen to the staff canteen. If you are working till late night, transport is provided for - which I find it fun because there's no traffic and everyone in the hotel is asleep. So it's like being there to look pretty for no one. At the end of the day, you'll save up a lot because the only thing you spend on is probably transport because even your outfit is provided for by the hotel. Wearing the hotel uniform may not be the most glamorous thing but it pays!

Oh! If you are lucky, although one shouldn't expect, you get good tips!

And who am I working with? An..?
Hidden perks are just part of the environment of your workplace, here we are talking about the macro aspect of it. Be it work safety, your colleagues, or the work that you are dealing with, it is vital to crystallize your ideal environment so that you are able to work within your means.

As I said, after all, it's just an odd job.

In an imperfect world like ours, there are some things that we have to forgo; namely the opportunity cost. Some may like doing computer programming, but it may be bad ergonomically. Some may like dispatching, but there are dangers of doing late night delivery too, although I have never seen any correlation in statistics yet.

At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves, what kind of work environment do we thrive in?

That is going to be a swaying factor to whether you are going to be on the extreme ends of being smitten with it.

Environment is something very personal. Say for some people (like myself), I used to work and help out at events as usher, games station in-charge, or even doing back end jobs like packing goody bags as part of my vocational training. It was fun because you learn to appreciate what we usually won't because we simply don't see it!

You have no idea how tiring it was. No matter, it was fulfilling because no one in the events industry would say they did not have a good sleep right after! That was definitely a valuable thing to learn when I was a student back then! I discern my beauty sleep outweighs all those heavy lifting.

Only kidding!

Employers too need to realize that with students taking on part time jobs Singapore opportunities, our country is geared up for a more vibrant economy where they know what real life work is about. Without morale boost or value-added tasks for them to do, it would be putting our human capital on a downward spiral. They now can think on their own feet thanks to technology. Wouldn't we want to make them relevant and more connected for their future?

Their future is going to shape our fate too. It would suck to be living in a world of inept while you are conscious and incapacitated on a wheelchair.

Hope you are entertained by my thoughts about part time jobs because many must have been asking about what type of job they should do. So here's just a thought on what you guys should look out for!

Good luck!