Trick Eye Museum Singapore First Anniversary

Last Friday was a blast at Trick Eye Museum Singapore celebrating their first anniversary! Happy birthday Trick Eye Museum Singapore! Trick Eye Museum Singapore is the first foreign Trick Eye Museum that branched out of its home country South Korea. Located at Resorts World Sentosa, Trick Eye Museum Singapore officially opened its doors to public in June 2014. It is the first 3D museum in Singapore!

At their anniversary event, Trick Eye Museum held a special activity Grab the Gold Key, it’s not a Trick! where there were ten gold keys for grabs! Weighing 3.75 grams each, it was given away to ten lucky winners!

The ten gold keys were locked up in a cage held captive by the Giant Baby. Everyone who were at the Trick Eye Museum Singapore, and shared a photo taken at the museum on their social media had a chance to pick a key out of a big pool of keys on that day. It would be the key which they can use for their attempt to open the cage. Successful attempts to open the cage would bring home a gold key.

Here was my attempt...

It started with a briefing after getting our tickets stamped and signed because it only allows you one attempt. Additional briefing includes not being allowed to take more than one key from the lucky dip, and declaring that you have posted with the relevant hashtags: #trickeyesg #trickeyeturnsone #goldtrickeye...


That was my expression with the hope that I might get the gold key. Anyone would go through that red tape for about SGD200 worth of gold! Anything that comes from mining is always better off than paper money.

I got my key! I tried putting it in into the keyhole to see if it fits in the first place. If it doesn't fit, why even have anymore hope?

It fits! I was half way there! Half filled with optimism! The key was to open the padlock, so fitting in the key does not do. I tried opening it.

I turned the key left and right, and kept trying! It did not turn! Oh my God! This is not happening!

Luck was not on me, not on that day! With reluctance I returned the key. If only I could return them with two keys, that would just add on to the number of keys in the pool. Hehe! Still, it was just a game in the name of fun!

Congratulations to all winners; especially if you are a tourist because you have brought home something valuable from Singapore!

If you did not win just like yours truly, we are on the same Merlion... Look at all the fins I give!

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Trick Eye Museum Singapore
26 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138
Telephone: +65 6795 2370

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