Turkish Cordon Bleu at Maras Restaurant

Hey everybody! How's it going? It hope everyone is doing great out there. School holidays have ended for most of you and while most kids out there have a reality check of their own, a big round of applause to parents who managed to spend time with their kids! Although holidays aren't much of a vacation for you guys, I know you won't deny it's better off than dragging yourself to work. Unless you have a perfect job in hand!

For myself, I have been scouting for great places to eat. Finding places to eat is not a job but it's work! Especially in the light of this month - full of love, grace and spirituality. Time spent with worthy ones have to be spent at great places like Maras - an exquisite family friendly Turkish restaurant.

My friends and I wanted to eat out and there were so many options to choose from. Many options does not mean they were all great options though. Don't get me started from the menu, to the number of unanswered calls, and to those restaurants who said bookings can be made via Whatsapp. I laughed at how I imagined the matre'd must have been playing Tsum Tsum or some online game with the restaurant phone and missed all the Whatsapp reservations entirely. Fail!

No word of confirmation or even invalidation. That's worse than waiting for a love letter reply!

I decided to pick one of my usual favorites for several reasons. I wanted to see the bazaar nearby without giving up on really good food and where else can I get Turkish delights in cozy place under a beautiful chandelier and the comfort of air-conditioner?

I had to mention all those otherwise your imagination of kebab and Turkish ice cream is all what you have seen on the streets. Maras is one living example of a nice restaurant that serves Turkish food and ice cream in fine china!

I decided to bring my friends over to Maras. They said they were tired of American food, wanted something different but nothing too fusion that confuses their palate.

The food was delectable. I was famished so I ordered something with rice - The Shish Tawook Chicken was highly recommended by the chef. The half chicken was marinated and grilled with first rate Lebanese spices. On the side were cut mixed vegetables, pilaf rice - rice cooked in seasoned broth, and garlic sauce. Best eaten by cutting the juicy chicken and dipping it into the garlic sauce. I was close to using my hands then I was reminded I was in public. Woops! Unglamorous moment. Haha!

We also ordered the Ultimate Roast Chicken. For those who wants something herby and nothing too spicy, this is particularly recommended. The brined half chicken is roasted with honey glazed herbs, presented with roasted potatoes and glazed vegetables.

To fill in the void in our repartees, we ordered a waffle to be shared because we didn't want to be bloated. We had a bazaar to tour right after!

We chose the Salted Caramel Waffle and added double scoop because there were three of us. Since I love berries, I had mixed berries for my portion. I was initially cautious about it being a little to sour for my liking. Apparently it wasn't! Probably one of the best Turkish ice cream I have tasted! The waffle snowed with fine sugar was amazing, just the way I like it. Hot and crunchy.

Maras beyond any doubt brought us a fine dining experience through its efficient service. For a full house with a tight kitchen, it was considerably fast. My friends and I made a pact to come back for desserts! There were ten flavours and we only had one for each. The nine other flavours will be the reason for our repeat visits!

It was not my first visit so I just thought my second visit is worth mentioning! For what it's worth, my friends were satisfied. As long as their new savours meet their expectations, I feel like I have done my job bringing them somewhere nice!

They're usually full for dinners especially during weekends. Should you want to make bookings, you can do that here or just drop by Maras here:

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*This establishment is Halal certified.