Bank Art Fair 2015

The Bank Art Fair is organized by Art People Art Company from Korea and led by Korean art entrepreneur, Dong Myeong Kim (Tomy). Kim is a specialist in art galleries as well as art publishing and is especially knowledgeable in both the creative and commercial aspects of the Art industry. Aside from running a gallery in South Korea that supports young emerging artists, Kim and his team have also successfully organized art fairs internationally in countries like Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China.

According to the organizer of Bank Art Fair, Tomy Kim - art, it’s a mysterious beauty we fall in love for it being the reflection of our society. And arguably, it’s an investment if you collect the works of emerging artists. He believes in creating a platform that is mutually beneficial for both the collectors and emerging artists.

With its successful Singapore’s debut in 2014, Bank Art Fair 2015 was back town with more exciting galleries representing artists from more than 15 countries. The warm, welcoming hotel rooms on the 7th and 8th floors of Pan Pacific Hotel was transformed into intimate viewing art galleries.

Art aficionados in town had the opportunity to bring home some of the paintings and artworks on display, with prices ranging from USD100 – 20,000. One of the popular paintings is the painting of late Mr Lee Kwan Yew, which was already tagged sold when I arrived! The painting that was done by a Myanmar artist was unique because he used dotting technique which is painstakingly tedious and time consuming. It took tremendous effort to complete it!

There were many highlights especially from Singapore, Japan, and Korea.

One notable local feature at the Bank Art Fair were the works of young artists from Singapore Contemporary Young Artists Association (SCYA). One of the SCYA highlight artists, Dan Wong, also known as Citizen Dan from A Good Citizen, was definitely a must-not-miss! SCYA also conducted printmaking, acrylic painting, weaving and drawing workshops for art lovers.

Highlights from returning Singapore gallery Aseana include Barcode Zebras series from artist KY Huang. INSTINC Art Space featured young artists such as 31st UOB Painting of the Year Competition winner Liu Xuan Qi.

Moving on to the Far East, fans of the legendary Yayoi Kusama, UG gallery brought in some of her previous works such as Morning and Night series, and Stool. Systema gallery, known for its Neo-Japon showcased works from emerging young artists such as Katsu Ishida and Stefano Perrone.

With K-pop craze spreading worldwide, interests in Korean art has been flourishing and paving ways for emergence of new Korean artists in the market. Carefully curated works from participating galleries such as Miroonamu Gallery, Peace Gallery and Chung Jark Gallery were in town to capture the eyes and souls of many potential buyers.

Thank you Bank Art Fair for having me once again this year! I for one am loving the sculptures!