Talking Toes - Reminding You To Stand Tall, Always

I used to think the design of socks don't really matter because to me it was just like any other undergarment. Nobody sees them! It was out of vanity I decided to wear something more daring underneath. For pun's sake, please don't start imagining anything amorous!

Likewise for socks, I started to to think about colours and designs not only out of vanity, but for protection and comfort. Talking Toes have been giving me comfort in so many ways. Talking Toes is the first premium sock label in the world to inspire through quotes on socks.

When I first got to know about Talking Toes, I thought 'Hey, that's cool!' because it was pretty common to see t-shirts or decorated decals with inspirational quotes. I don't mean to undermine or downplay the latter but sometimes, the one who needs inspiration or words of encouragement is myself. It's not going to be easy reading your shirt sanely by wearing it.

Talking Toes has a wide range of classical and stylish designs, keeping up to date with the latest style and yet keeping you pepped with all its inspirational messages. It is a fashionable way to encourage your loved ones, especially with its limited edition designs for festive occasions. Personally, it provides me great self-affirmation before putting on my shoes to step out of the door.

When it comes to comfort, Talking Toes socks not only carry comforting messages, their socks are made of finest combed cotton. It's really soft and its make gives me the confidence to walk around without shoes with its reinforced weaving on its toes and heels. Its grip on my legs allow me to walk a mile further on my travel!

Here's a funny story - I was in Sydney for New Year's eve and we were having a picnic at Mrs Macquarie's Chair (to date I still can't pronounce it properly I don't know why!). Since the weather was hot and dry, I walked around the grass patches without my shoes, with my socks on (because the grass makes my leg ticklish). The guy neighbouring me saw my socks and that became the topic of our idle banter that day! I was actually very irritated that afternoon because of the heat and the crowd. That somehow, got all those negativity out of my mind!

Good news for those in the States and Australia, Talking Toes socks are available in San Francisco and Melbourne!

Talking Toes aim to make your day feeling inspired and empowered. Let's hope they produce more of those for us to wear. May we always be reminded to remain sanguine in our darkest times!

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