Melbourne 2016 - 12 Apostles

We rented a car and spent the morning finding good donut and got some from Shortstop Donut. They were really good. Not only the donuts, the service was fine!

Drove all the way to 12 Apostle thanks to my bestie for knowing the way! Why attractions like 12 Apostles do not have a regular shuttle bus or something?

The drive was worth it as we got to enjoy sight seeing along the way! Summer is a pretty good time to go albeit there will be flies  everywhere but the sun is perfect for photo taking. The golden rays simply make you look radiant in photos, but look very, very tan after. I have never been so tanned from one season of dragon boat training as compared to a few hours out in the Australian sun.

The sun was really game strong!

Any car with a sun roof is a great car especially for long travel. I love natural light for easy photo taking and what not. Like for me I need good lighting for reading and checking details of my itinerary. Handling all the bookings is not as easy as it seems! We got to agree, not everybody could do it. Or maybe, chose not to do it.

Because some are just in for the ride.

Anyway, my only fear at the 12 Apostles were snakes and fortunately I saw none.

If you are a nature lover just as me, I recommend you to visit them before they are gone eaten up by weathering! I would have gone down to the beach around but the boys were not down for it. Enjoy the photos!

These amazing photos were taking by Amin Ayub.