Melbourne 2016 - Never A Dull Day at Hosier Lane

Knowing Melbourne as a major centre for street art, it would not be wise to skip this in your itinerary!

Hosier Lane in Melbourne is one of the most renowned landmark for urban art. It would be a slap to call it vandalism but I thought it was until I found out that it is a legit platform for graffiti artists to showcase their work or even graffiti advertisements.

Vandalism or not, they are arresting and God knows how much spray cans were utilised just to make these monumental artwork. It would be a waste to have it sprayed over by another art work in the next few months or so, but it would be worth it if it is going to be documented in someone's social media, and only the few thousand of you get to see them first hand.

Melbourne is beautiful in that sense. It is not exactly a lustrous, bright, glossy city as much as I wanted it to be, but given the colourful and vibrant art at every corner of the city, it is hard to say I ever had a dull day there.

Enjoy the bad boy pose I was trying to work on!