In Recovery and Detox for my Body and Soul

I am grateful for this blissful month and I am thankful for so many reasons!

This month is all about giving love and reminder of how fortunate we are to be living a life where food is abundant, your loved ones are most of them alive, and a shelter on your head and a bed that is not made out of rubble. This month allows for a deeper introspection and reflection on how comfortable life have been.

This numinous month is simply about being spiritual and getting close to higher power. Be it fasting, giving alms, donation, cutting out clutters and other activities just to devote time kneeling and incessantly supplicate. I am loving the process because it makes me feel emotionally calm, stronger, and clears my mind of worldly worries, and physiologically heals through detox and maybe fat loss for some.

In this divine month too that our repairs and renovation works are 95% completed. I am feeling satisfied to see my cabinet in the kitchen and toilet fixed with quartz top which I am utterly happy about because it saves the worry of being worn out or warped like our previous wooden counter.

See, this renovation and repair works all began last year and while I hated it, it was actually a blessing in disguise. Last year, I had my bedroom painted for and a few weeks later, the air-conditioner was beyond repair. As a result, we had to replace the entire system and to do so, it involves breaking the ceiling as the piping goes through it. The next thing we know, we had to replace the false ceiling too.

We had the wiring fixed after the air-conditioner replacement. While we were at it, we decided to fix new lightings in our rooms. As the property matures, the old lightings looked stale and we wanted something fresh and brighter. So there you go, another phase, which we have to slowly move our things here and there in our house as we do not wish to face the hassle of moving out to a temporary home and then moving in again and cause major logistic trouble. Time effective, but not so much on the cost.

The project closely associates with the project management triangle. So we decided to take it very, very slow. Hence, taking approximately more than six months for all these to complete.

As the kitchen and wardrobe has faded and worn out, we have them replaced too. Kitchen is not really my place but I am liking the fact the oven has a rotisserie which gives me some sort of motivation to cook. Then again, it is always good when it is new!

Now, we are left with the paint job which is really unavoidable because with all the hacking going on, there's bound to be markings that need to be removed. Consequently, I am busy this week to have it completed before next week.

So while we spiritually recover, so does our home!

While it is not me who paid for these, I am thankful this is coming to an end so that we could focus on something else. All I want is for everything to be functional for this home and that is all. While the upside of this lies at the end of this process, I am actually happier to clear my old items along the way. It includes my used books, clothes, accessories and bags.

Relating back to this month, it makes me feel extremely blessed to be surrounded with so many things. So much so, it makes me wonder how much I would have accumulated if I had not spent my money on them! I mean, I have old clothes that does not suit my lifestyle anymore, but I could really imagine how it could be fashioned by someone suitable really. What I am giving away are classics and some are branded and I really, really hope, my donation items - although non-monetary, benefits those who aspire to dress in style. In times of joyous occasion, celebration and festivity, every single one of us deserve to look good and colourful. All I ask from you is to take care of them as much as I did!

Training wise, it was hampered by externalities but as the relationship between my team and I matures, I am feeling a little bit more driven now. It has only been my first season and some things are just unavoidable this year. Honestly, I would give myself a round of applause for at least staying really. I thought I would probably put my paddle down after six months or so. Back then, I did not even have the drive nor guts to commit especially with my inferiority among alpha males. Something must have went right when I went through conscription! It is the semester break and if it had not been for fasting, I would have been updating this space from the gym.

If any of you ever cared to read my personal segment here, thank you so much! This space thrived from being a personal avenue to channel my deepest thoughts, feelings and my high and lows. In any way this space has helped you, I can only be happy that it did!

Have a wonderful week everyone, wherever you are!

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